A day in the life of Alex Sander: Driving in the fast Lane at Landon Care Products

Assignment on A day in the life of Alex Sander: Driving in the fast Lane at Landon Care Products BY: ABC Date A day in the life of Alex Sander: Driving in the fast Lane at Landon Care Products Strengths Sander is very confident person. He has confidence on his abilities. As she stated that, I am sure that my judgment will always be on target and I have trust on my abilities. She is very challenging and can work under changing environment. She said that I did not have idea about packaging, promotions and manufacturing but launching two products globally would be challenging for me. Her rebranding of two national products revealed his capacity to perform in dynamic environment. In 2005-2006, he nationally rebranded two products of skin care. She has ability to identify gaps in information. Her learning ability related with packaging, manufacturing and promotions identified his ability to recognize importance of overall process of product. As she stated that, she will learn these processes. She is an effective leader, as he knows the use of his performance driven personality. One employee stated that she knows how to get work from workers. She did not compensate on no. She is professionally strong, as she has been working as product manager for Landon Care since April 2005. She also rebranded two national products. She worked for Barnhill and Cooper from 2001-2005. She had worked as accounts executives. She also worked as accounts executive in 2001-2003 in rental car. From 2000-2001 she worked as trainee executive. These multiple experiences show her ability to work in multitasking environment. She can work smartly. She is professionally strong and can perform complex task in less time. She has ability to manage workers by treating workers differently. She has ability to assign work to workers on basis of their skills. As she taken back project from Leong because of his inability to perform task on time. She has ability to apply unilateral approach by looking at one side. Her qualification related with his profession enhanced his ability to handle each task effectively. She passed MBA and MIT sloan in June 2001. She did BA in economics in May 1998. From 1996-8, she was responsible for working as summer research in Stanford. She has marketing strategy of identification of market share and production of quality products as per customer’s need. As she previously launched two national products. She has entrepreneurial skill and has passion for entrepreneur as she stated that I would be master for whole store. She is self-driven very much confident on results. She has skills of effective time management because workers said that she is smart than other and expect other to complete task in same time as she did. She is good team leader not in sense of motivating members but in sense of strict towards work. She identifies deadlines for completion of project. She can work smartly and flexibly. She has great knowledge of products and markets of cosmetics because of two skin care products launching and promotions. She can manage time and budget of product. She is goal oriented and hard working. She works for long hours for success of her performance. She has self-driven personality. She said that Sam hired me for quick launch of products and I will focus on it irrespective of what others are thinking I have confidence on my abilities. She can get work from employees on time CITATION Gre08 \l 1033 (Greiner & Collins, 2008)Weaknesses She has bad temper. She became aggressive on small mistakes of members. She has arrogant behavior with other staff. She taken away project from Leon and said that I cannot waste my time for you. I will do this work myself. She has no interest in 360 performances as she said that that it is wastage of time for me. She does not appreciate employees on good performance. She did not motivate workers as she said that commanding behavior is good for me. She does not communicate knowledge towards workers. She thought that workers should know everything. She preferred to do work herself instead of communicating mistakes with members. She does not provide flexible working hours to employees. She worked for long hours and expected it from other workers. She expects perfection from every one. She does not consider employees in success of project. One worker stated this fact that she considered herself alone for project success. She does not have motivational skills and she has straightforward behavior with all. She expects workers to work for long hours. She is overconfident. Confidence is important factor for achievement of goals but overconfident can be harmful. Alex is no doubt very talented and has excellent skills but sh should not be over confident on her abilities. She does not praise others for good performance. She lacks patience this behavior is cleared from her behavior with other workers like her assistant, Hansen Leong She does not treat workers well and does not take serious their comments. As she stated that, she did not care about others feelings. Her leadership style is not in favor of employees as employees are not willing to work with her because of her strict behavior. She has less emotional intelligence as she does not care about others. She underestimates skills and knowledge of other workers. She does not appreciate diversification. She does not recognize importance of team members for performance of project and for leading project towards success. SWOT analysis of Alex Sander Strengths Confident Good qualification and experience Multitasked Rebranding of two national products Ability to understand information gap Oriented towards performance Has Unilateral approach Hardworking with smarts techniques Professionally strong Creative Market and product knowledge Smart Ability to manage time and budget Good marketing strategy Successful working history Weaknesses Don’t involve workers in decision making Against 360 performance Arrogant behavior Having less emotional intelligence Not having patience Overconfident Underestimate other’s skills and working style Do not motivate workers Having bad temper Does not apply diversity Quite young CITATION Gre08 \l 1033 (Greiner & Collins, 2008)Opportunities Alternative job options To become entrepreneur To join another organization To adopt good leadership style Threats Cultural differences Disliked style by employees Employees unwilling to work with him Disconnection with employees Communication style Communication is necessary for every type of project but it is more important for globally dispersed members. One of important concept for globally dispersed team is that communication should be effective. In case of different members from different countries, language and culture difference can affect success of project. Issues related with these differences should be managed effectively by leader. Right communication tools should be used by leader. Globally distributed team worked from different locations for same projects. Timely communication is important for updating members. Issues should be resolved on time. CITATION Osh08 \l 1033 (Oshr, Fenema, & Kotlarsky, 2008) Sander has straightforward communication style. She is hard working as well as has potential skills with education and good working experience. He can produce results in time and given budget. She has ability to handle employees and can produce results from employees in given time but he does not motivate employees and underestimate skills of other employees. He thinks himself as individual reason of good results. She is good team leader not in sense of appreciating employees but in sense of producing effective results. She does not bear delays in performance of tasks. Sam glace is facing difficult situation with managing team members with Alex Sander. Landon is acquired by Avant Garde. It decided budget for new product as $25 million. Sander should understand cultural differences in members and should adopt good communication style. It is important for project performance. Her commanding style can be a reason of high turnover of members. Transfer of tactic as well as explicit knowledge is useful in these teams. Cramton stated that one challenge that this team faces is difficulty in understanding knowledge from one context to another. Another challenge he stated was difference in time zones as well as location. Different infrastructure and competencies hinders knowledge transfer. Problem from his behavior can be resulted in cut off by employees and other team members. Performance of project depends on team effort and in case of dissatisfied team members project cannot succeed. She does not problem with her work he is doing well because she has knowledge and skills of perfectly doing it. Employees has problem with her arrogant behavior. Employees should be considered as important part in organization. With his approach, workers cannot be comfortable with doing work. Due to this factor, efficiency of workers will reduce. Failure and burnout options will increase due to lack of understanding. CITATION Gup13 \l 1033 (Gupta, 2013)Literature from studies revealed importance of communication in leadership style. Effective leaders can communicate successfully and increase team performance. Mutual collaboration is necessary for success of project. A study was performed by researcher to identify effect of cultural differences on team performance. He selected leaders from different cultures and identified that good leaders can effectively manage these differences and lead team towards success. He revealed that paradoxes are managed by effective leaders by using multiple skills of leadership. It was also revealed from study that flexible leadership skill is necessary for effective communication. CITATION Kay02 \l 1033 (Kayworth & Leidner, 2002)One of Sander weakness is that she does not trust other members. Studies revealed that trust is important for relationship building. Cognitive trust should be created in globally dispersed teams. Inspirational leader developed cognitive trust among members. They also trust on abilities of teams to fulfill mission. He enhanced confidence among members by building trust factor. Studies also revealed that trust could be developed more easily in dispersed teams because of less personal interaction. CITATION Jos09 \l 1033 (Joshi, Lazarova, & Liao, 2009)Sander uses inflexible approach that can be dangerous for product’s success. Time management is another obstacle in managing global teams. Another study revealed that understanding among members is necessary without understanding team cannot fulfill its goal. It was also revealed by researcher that effective leaders provide day-to-day and sufficient information to members. CITATION Smi15 \l 1033 (Smith, 2015) Sander’s leadership style is different. She does not provide information and detail of work to members. Members are worried because of her behavior. Sander has multiples skills and ability to manage team effectively. As per her strengths, she is hard working and self motivated. She has previous experience and knowledge of products launching. But, she has arrogant behavior with members as well. Her experience and knowledge is also necessary for project success but contribution of members cannot be ignored. Members of France, Germany, Japan and England have different cultures and needs proper information and communication. Sander’s behavior can result in losing these members. For managing these issues, Sander should take training of emotional intelligence. She should improve her style by using 360 reviews. Motivational qualities should be developed. He should also provide monetary incentives to motivate employee’s performance. Different leadership styles have been identified by researchers. One of leadership style is shared leadership. It enables sharing of role and behavior of traditional leader. CITATION Mue10 \l 1033 (Muethe & Hoegl, 2010) Cultural differences on part of languages also contribute towards difficulty in communication. Leader should also consider language differences. It increased confusion in member’s understanding. Globally distributed teams are important part in now a day challenging environment. Competition has been increasing and resulting in demand of increased collaborations. These teams are created for success of projects and effective technologies are used for managing them effectively. Culture, languages and time differences should be managed by using effective technologies. Sander has ability to manage time and budget of project but this factor cannot leads projects towards success unless the use of good communication strategy. Reformulation For reformulation of products, Sander’s should consider cultural differences. He should review the market of United Kingdom. He should consider differences in society of United Kingdom and France. A study revealed that culture is very important factor for success and failure of product. IKEA faced difficulties in China for promotion of its furniture. Despite of having huge success in all global market company faced challenges in China due to differences in culture. They changed their marketing strategy and promotion techniques as well as design of stores. They realized that for global success, culture and behavior of market is important factor. CITATION Eme09 \l 1033 (Emerald, 2009)Customers have differences in behavior. Customers need varies from country to country. As per cosmetics, industry product’s each country has own fashion and trend of using products. Market identification is essential for successful launching products. Another study revealed that a product that does fit in one environment or country might not fit in other country. Customer’s demand change from country to country. Another study revealed that it is costly to apply diversification by changing entire design of product but changing some features with existing ones is more beneficial for company. Due to increased globalization, heterogeneous products should be produce. In case of launching product in culturally different environment, it is necessary to understand differences in culture and environment. CITATION Rai12 \l 1033 (Raikhan, Moldakhmet, Ryskeldy, & Alua, 2012)As, Landon is going to launch two new products in U.S market, it is important to analyze market culture as well as behavior of customers. Diversification is necessary for global success of products. It means products should be diversified as per culture and need of customers. Researcher revealed that diversification increase value of performance. Homogenous products sometimes cannot qualify in culturally different environment. Would I work for Sanders? I will not prefer to do work with Alex Sander as team member because of his harsh behavior. A project that consists of team members required high degree of understanding among them. It required skills of all members collectively to increase performance of project. Team leader is an important part in recognizing team efforts and skills. Motivation is necessary for performance, as human nature requires constant motivation and appreciation. Support from leader is necessary for completion of project. Involvement and understanding of every member is necessary for team success. But, if I will be given opportunity to work as boss for Alex Sander then I will definitely work and enjoy skills of Sander for launching products in U.S market. I will learn from marketing techniques used by Sander for success of project. In the mean while it will be crucial situation for me to resolve conflict between workers and Alex Sander. I will do close departments. Meeting will be arranged on weekly basis with members and resolve their issues. I will encourage employees and make strategy to handle any bad situation. I will focus on managerial strategies of communication, motivation, diversification and assessment of human resource. I will advice Alex Sander to provide monetary and non-monetary benefits to employees for motivating them. I will focus on developing Sander’s interpersonal skills. I will constantly encourage co-workers on their performance. References BIBLIOGRAPHY \l 1033 Emerald. (2009). China teaches IKEA limits of homogeneity: Not yet part of the Eastern furniture. Strategic Direction , 25 (11), 43-45. Greiner, L. L., & Collins, E. (2008). A day in the life of Alex Sander: Driving in the fast Lane London care products. harward business school , 1 (1), 1-11. Gupta, R. (2013). Workforce Diversity and Organizational performance. International Journal of Business and Management Invention , 2 (6), 36-41. Joshi, A., Lazarova, M. B., & Liao, H. (2009). Getting Everyone on Board: The Role of Inspirational Leadership in Geographically Dispersed Teams. OrganizationScience , 20 (1), 240-252. Kayworth, T. R., & Leidner, D. E. (2002). Leadership Effectiveness in Global Virtual Teams. Journal of Management Information Systems , 18 (3), 7-40. Muethe, M., & Hoegl, M. (2010). Cultural and societal influences on shared leadership in globally dispersed teams. Journal of International Management , 16 (16), 234-246. Oshr, I., Fenema, P. v., & Kotlarsky, J. (2008). Knowledge transfer in globally distributed. Info Systems J , 18 (1), 593–616. Raikhan, S., Moldakhmet, M., Ryskeldy, M., & Alua, M. (2012). The interaction of globalization and culture in the modern world. Social and Behavioral Sciences , 122 (1), 8-12. Smith, P. B. (2015). Acquiescent Response Bias as an Aspect of Cultural Communication Style. journal of cross cultural psychology , 1 (1), 177-198.

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