Brazil in a food truck

Assignment Brazil in a food truck Abc Date Brazil in a food truck Introduction: In developing the business model in the Brazil where food truck business is initiated to realized the development structure of business model in the country. The food truck business is related to service and create the value for the customers. In describing, the relationship of Brazil is service delivery to the customer by offering food items in the truck. The mail purpose of this business is to serve the food items to the local of Brazil who wants fresh, fast and tasty meal and these people enjoy at different places in the country. A wide range of Brazilian food services given to the community to realize the cultural importance and musical entertainment presented in the food truck. The external environment factors as well as resource management techniques are also discussed to realize the Food truck formulation plan. The Brazil is the fifth largest consumer market that supports the service business relationship effectively. CITATION exp10 \l 1033 (, 2010)Over view of Brazil: Culture: In describing, the cultures of Brazil in the context of food that have wide variety are in the food items and vary regionally in the Brazil. Feijoada , rich strew are the best national dish of the Brazil. The business of food truck is started in the country Rio de Janerio where the cooked items of the Brazil are renowned. Certain etiquettes have to be represented in the culture of Brazil that shows invitation of dinner or an event they do not under dress but over dress considerations have to be taken to appear as too casual appearance. A small gift or either flower is given on the occasions to realize the importance of Brazilian culture. In the business of food truck in the Brazil, we have to develop the trust relationship and provide the food of the culture of the country. CITATION bra153 \l 1033 (, 2015)The major cultural food items are churraso, grilled meat and skewers, pato no tucupi, tacaca, moqueca baina which is called traditional seafood and Jennifer capalbo. These the food items that must be presented in the country of Brazil to realize the importance of the Brazilian culture in the society. CITATION foo15 \l 1033 (foodspring, 2015)Political make-up: The democratic government rules and regulations are followed in the Brazil. This rule demonstrates that the residents elected the parties through the vote. In conducting the business in the Brazil of food truck, we have to take the legal implications of the country and testify the documents for starting the business in the Brazil. CITATION bra154 \l 1033 (, 2015)Religious issues: There is huge diversity in the culture of and heritage of the Brazil and have wide range of religions founds. There are three quarters population are the Roman Catholics and have developed structure of the churches in the Brazil. In catering the demand of the community of the Brazil, every people are related to different religion and had different food choices according to their religion. This will create the issues in establishing the business model of food truck in the country. CITATION bra153 \l 1033 (, 2015)Different Christian and non-Christian culture origins have different demand of the food items in the country and it is very difficult to cover all the religious food items are placed on the food truck. However, The Roman Catholics, which have wide population in the Brazil their choices of food items, must be presented to the community of the Brazil. Economic issues: In explaining, the economic growth of the country that is based on the factor of production in the country that how the country is supportive in productivity of necessities of the life. The development of agriculture powerhouse that increase the production of good give us the competitive advantage to maintain the supply of good within in the country and give the values to the customers. The facilitation and as well as supportive policy for the agricultural factors keeps moving the strategic implications for the country that boost the economics of the country. The items that are related in the raw material directly purchase for the local agricultural farms of the Brazil and then converted in to the finished food product that gives us competitive advantage on the cost and better catering the demand of the customer. CITATION Hib15 \l 1033 (Dahr, 2015)As Brazil is one of the largest countries in the South American, is that have large land and huge population. With the 25 % of globally investment in the Brazil that shows the huge foreign direct investment in the country is the major sources and 5th , recipient nation in the world that provides the strengthen for the country. CITATION Hib15 \l 1033 (Dahr, 2015). This will beneficial for the food truck in Brazil that gives increase the foreign direct investment by focusing on the different areas of the Brazil targeting. The business of the manufacturing as well as services gives growth and gives about 5.8% GDP by 23% supportive of agriculture products. CITATION Hib15 \l 1033 (Dahr, 2015)This facilitation gives reduction in the poverty to realize the economic growth in the country. This analysis shows that the businesses of service relationship with the customer have demand and careful implementation of the customer demand expectations that gives the strategic growth for the food truck business. Legal issues: The legal issues that are relating to the licensing of the mobile food unit and getting the authority of placement and space required in conducting the business are the major legal issues in facing the food truck. The restrictions on the public and private spaces create the issues for the food truck business. Resources available: Resource management is one the main business part where the companies have to focus and realize the strategic implications of the business model. The resources are allocating with the adequate substance that gives future implications of business growth for the business. People: The availability of the resources is where the human resource is the major capital in the business venture where the human efforts are imposed to realize the implications of the business. There are 15 people is required to operate the business activities in the food truck business 3 persons are allocated on the client services and gives the values to the customer. Training and development programs are also conducted that derives how to deliver the services of the food truck. The human resource development is the core part of the business in recognizing the business success for the company. Material: The material is required in the food truck business is the especially agriculture products where we have to mad the contract with the agricultural farmers for the supply of raw material items in the food truck. These are onion. Lettuce, mayo, roll of Kaiser as well as tomatoes which are commonly recognized the raw material items for the finished good items in the food truck. Transportation: Motorized mobile food vendor is required in the process of food a truck that gives the items to the community and at any place to recognize the familiarity of the products. Mobile food units are generally required to operate the business of food and derive the key performance indicators in the supply chain process of vendor and buyer of food items. CITATION kal15 \l 1033 (, 2015). Public streets are usually are the targeting place to deliver the services of the food items in the community. Mobile food vehicles are restricted in the public and private spaces. CITATION den12 \l 1033 (, 2012)The location and permit requirement me be analyze before implementing the plan because the food truck business must target the minds of the customer by exact location positioning. Certain rules and regulation have to follow the permit the zonal authority to place the business in the public streets. CITATION den12 \l 1033 (, 2012)Capacity: In deriving the capacity utilization, forecasting models are utilized to gain the reviews of the future predictions of the food items. The storage system in the mobile food unit is utilized with the capacity effectiveness that produces profit and growth opportunity for the business. Finance: The financing for operating business of food truck is relating to the expenses occurred in running operations of the business. The expenses are salaries of the employees, payments of the rents, lease payments of the vehicle, cost of fuel and telecommunication in delivering the values to the customer. Equipment maintenance as well as procurement of raw material is also the expenses that are required to run the operations of the food truck business. Procurement: In procuring the raw material from the local country of Brazil that requires clear analysis of financial picture of the ingredients and develop the relationship with the suppliers to accommodate in the future predictions of demand requirements. CITATION Ent12 \l 1033 (Entrepreneur Magazine, 2012)Issues in business plan: Health and safety issues in food truck must be maintain the other food products are not hygienic .the license of health food produced must be recognized that gives the problems in running the food truck business. The regulations of city as well as difficulties in parking, unpredictable weather conditions, maintenance of truck and long operating hours are the issues in the conducting food truck. The record of storage items and procurement goods and district issues which is inspected by health department of the country. The Service support facility license must be authenticated that gives challenges for the truck food business in gaining such license. Consideration of obstacles: The permission to take the places ate public streets or private place are the major obstacles to run the business operations. When the government is not recognized, the placement to the business investor then the business remains void in the country without the legal authority of the government. Accessibility of space is the obstacles that where to place the mobile food unit especially in the events. CITATION LYN13 \l 1033 (GUEY, 2013) . The traffic sites, power generations, and busy road construction plans are the obstacles in obtains the required benefits from food truck business. The different cultural preferences as well as different religions describe different demanding food items that create the difficulty in minting the operations of the food truck. The logistics issues that creates the challenges for the food truck that how to accommodate the features of replenishment of food cycle time. Strategically considerations: The process of strategic planning must be visualized to realize the values of the business and then implement the planning to gain the output. In strategic planning, that starts with the licensing of the food truck and then finds out the niche market where the business has to target the core customers. The financing as well as part the food truck and utilize the promotional strategies of food truck on the social media. The implementations of the food truck in the Brazil that will require the marketing through the social media as well develop the loyalty of the customer. The focus on niche market is the main focal point of business opportunity in deriving the success for the business. Recommendations: In recommended the food truck business that should be follow the rules and regulations for the country to sustain the business life cycle. The small suburbs as well as niche market should be identified to target the market and realize the importance of food items that is healthiest for the customers. The licensing of truck should be taken place to avoid the issues of permit and placement of truck and carts of food. The research and development programs must be ensured that where the segmentation as well targeting the service to positioned the mind of customer. The selection of right vehicle with the Brazil culture and provide the food according to the cultural implications of the country. To ensuring the success of venture in the food truck must be develop the relationship with the supplier for raw material food items and reduce the lead time delivery form supplier to buyer to sure deliver to customer within time frame. Conclusion: Thus to sum up all the discussion about the food truck business that gives the analysis of the external environment factors of the brazil that must be considered when implemented the strategic plan of food truck. Effectively utilization of resources is related to the human, capital and infrastructure of transportation where the goods have been sold to the customer. The resource management plays a vital role in formulating the strategy of the business plan that executed the major strengths of the business plan. The mobile unit of food is the major assets of food truck business that must be carefully procure according top the needed requirements of the target market. There are certain issues and challenges in the food truck plan that resist to continue the operations of the business plan. Obstacles that reduce the efficiency in the food truck implementation plan. Certain recommendations are given to improve the service relationship with the customer that gives the profitability and growth of food truck business. References: BIBLIOGRAPHY \l 1033 (2015). Brazil Culture. Retrieved April 29, 2015, from (2015). Brazil Politics - Intro. Retrieved April 29, 2015, from Cruz, R. C. (2013). COMPETITIVE PRESSURE SYSTEMS MAPPING IN THE. INDEPENDENT JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT & PRODUCTION. Dahr, H. E. (2015). Agriculture, a strategic sector for Brazil’s economic growth . Retrieved April 29, 2015, from (2012). Food Truck Businesses. Retrieved April 29, 2015, from Entrepreneur Magazine. (2012). Food Truck Business. Entrepreneur Press. (2010). Doing Business in Brazil. Retrieved April 29, 2015, from foodspring. (2015). Brazilian Food. Retrieved April 29, 2015, from GUEY, L. (2013). Entrepreneur Helps Set Off Food Truck Golden Age In Atlanta. Retrieved April 29, 2015, from (2015). FOOD TRUCKS. Retrieved April 29, 2015, from

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