Brothers Going Separate Ways or Not?

Brothers Going Separate Ways or Not? Name: ABC University: XYZ Executive Summary This case is about the two twin brothers, parents and their family business. Parents are approaching to the retirement age therefore; they want that someone handle their buinsess so that they receive their retirement income. Derrick and Kevin are the twins. Derrick shows interest to handle the business of the family. This family business is auto repairing and towing. the two brothers has the same habits, study and the other activities. However, Kevin is not interested in the family business, as he wants to invest or run number of business and want travel to other parts of the business. However, Derrick interested in his own business with new ideas of the business growth. He wants to utilize the spare space for the products related to auto repairing and spare parts. The main problem is that parents are the resisting these ideas because they did not want any change. On the other hand, the Kevin is also want to doing the business but in his own way. This means that both brothers want to do business but indifferent ways. There are number of core problems in the case. The mutual agreement and coordination is not found in this case that is hurdle in making the proper decision for the business. Moreover, Derrick still not sure about the risk taking. The behavior of parents and the dilemma of Derrick depicts that they are risk avoiders. This is a common phenomenon that the successful manager is risk taker. As the risk increases, the profit also increases. The solution for the problems of Derrick, Kevin and Parents is that they do not have the vision or threatening from the future. There is need to establish the coordination between them. Clear their ideas to each other and discuss their threats. This will provide them solution of their problems. This is not a big deal but the only need is to take initiative for the success of the business. Discussing with each other is the best way to find the solutions for the problems. Section 1: Summary of the background and facts The business of the family was growing very well. The need was to establish new opportunities and the space for the growth of the business. The twin brothers are graduated and seem to more zealous to start their practical life. Derrick and Kevin have a great opportunity to the handle or control a running business with great profit margin. This case study is covering different aspects of the communication, gender gap, leadership qualities, risk taking, management skills and expansion of the business. The family business is a golden opportunities for these two brothers. However, the lack of communication between them and the communication gap between the parents are the main problem. The parents are not risk takers therefore; they were not ready to adopt the changes in the business. Moreover, the lack of communication between them is also big fact of the case. Another fact in this case is that they did not have effective communication between them. The convincing powers of Derrick were not adequate for the negotiation. The Kevin has finance but not opportunity of utilization. Derrick has ideas but had no finance. Moreover, the parents were not agreeing to change or implement the change in the business. The change is an important factor to meet the challenges of the changing environment and the preferences of the customers. Kevin and Derrick both have energy and vision for the business success with different ways and methods. The case is about the problems of the parents, Derrick and Kevin for their future. The parents want to secure their retirement, Derrick wants to expand the business and Kevin wants to become a good entrepreneur. These are some of the fast facts of the case. The well-established business and repute of the parents is a key success factor that are not recognizing by all three parties. Moreover, Derrick fails to communicate or make their parents satisfy about his new business ideas. Section 2: Statement of the “core” problem(s) of the case The core problems of the case includes the hesitation of the parent therefore, they are resisting the change in the business. They are too able to recognize their public relations, customer trust on the business and ways or methods to cultivate these relationships. However, they are famous for the quality work yet they are not ready to act upon the ideas of their sons. On the other hand, Derrick has ideas to utilize the space and expands the business. However, he has no finance, no implementation plan and he has no strategy to make his parents agree. Same as the Kevin do not know how to get the job and where to start his business. Yet he has some finance to start of the business. The other problem between them is the lack of coordination, communication gap and leadership qualities to influence others for their ideas. These are some of the core problems of the case. On the other hand, the information given in the case is not adequate to make the right decision. There are three main parties in the case. These are parents, Derrick and Kevin. If they have proper communication between them then this will easily for them to make their ideas feasible. No one understands the position of other and wants to make mutual solution that will beneficial for all of them. There will many other problems that can rise due to these core problems in the case. The parents have experience, Derrick has ideas and Kevin has investment. However, the lack of vision and conflict management skills are vague these opportunities to them. Therefore, they do not have clear plan of action to implement their strategies. Section 3: Secondary Problems The secondary problems of the case are that both have ideas but they do not have way out to implement their ideas and make them exist. The parents are also not having vision and they are not tracking the changing environment of the business. They have some securities on the expansion of the business. They do not want to enhance the business or take the risk for the expansion or growth of the business other than current operations. Kevin wanted to start several businesses but he do not have clear action plan. There is need to make the strategies and market analysis and implementation plan. The lack of the communication creates hurdle to implement the strategies or change in the business. The finance is the main problem for Derrick. Therefore, he is stops to start the business in his way. Kevin has finance but not the implementation or the ways to invest them. If they discuss all these things with them then there must be the solution for all these problems. The secondary problems are not a big deal because they are associated with core problems. The problems of the Derrick will seek out, if he able to arrange the finance and make his parents trust that they will receive the retirement money for their life. Moreover, Kevin also find space for the investment of the money. Everyone has his or her own problems. No one is trying to identify those problems and find the solutions of the problems. Section 4: Constraints and Limiting Factors Everyone in this case has some constraints and limiting factors that became hurdle between start of the business and proper implementation of the plan. Parents are approaching to the retirement age therefore, the need the continuous income for their livings. They also need a man who led their business. They have experience, knowledge and expertise yet there is no proper utilization of their skills. Derrick has new ideas but the problems he faces are the resistance from its parents. This is the main constraint in implementation of the new business ideas. Other includes the finance, best legal contract that can satisfy its parents, ambiguity for the best financial package for the parents and better opportunities for the continuous growth of the business. On the other hand, Kevin wants franchising and wants to live other parts of the world. However, he yet not has any experience and not has any job. Derrick insists Kevin to become the part of the business because this will put more specific and feasible opportunity for the business. The organization needs some change in it and a wise man that is able to control and manage the operations of the business. Section 5: Alternative Solutions The alternative solutions for them are that Kevin has opportunity to invest in his own business. Derrick take finance from Kevin and make a contract to give a specific amount every month to his parents. The other options are that parents can go south with Kevin purchase franchising of auto parts and send them to Derrick. The third option is that Kevin joins the family business and parents go to South. There they will receive the profit. Another solution is that parents provide consultancy to Derrick about the business and allow him to bring change in the business. Kevin can work as the supplier for the business of Derrick if he does not want to join the family business. Derrick brings change, Kevin should move to South and parents will able to do the same as they decide to spent the summer and winter in different cities of areas. Section 6: Implementation of the “Best” Solution The best solution for the business is that Kevin and Parents go to south and start the business there. They purchase the auto parts from there and send them to Derrick with commission. For the implementation of this solution there is need to make a proper plan. The plan must include all the pros and cons of the expansion of the business. Influence the parents and the make them agree for the change. The financial package can eliminate their factors of thereat from the change. The Kevin is also important for the business because he want to go to other world. This will explore new opportunities for the business. For the implementation of the plan, there is needed to make the company analysis. This includes the resources, capabilities of employees, resources that includes the human capital and finance and need of the business. Market survey also provides the insight for the implementation. The proper steps that need to take includes the infrastructure, coordination with each other, identify the weakness and provide training to overcome, implementation the solution and then monitor the implementation. Forecasting is also feasible to estimate the success of the change in the business. Table talk, brain storming and group work is the best way to implement the change or solution for the problem of all three persons or parties. The business is well established therefore, the only need is the proper management and effective management. The proper steps that need to take includes the infrastructure, coordination with each other, identify the weakness and provide training to overcome, implementation the solution and then monitor the implementation Section 7: Justification The core problem is the lack of the coordination between Derrick, Kevin and their parents. One of them should have to take an initial step to make the solution of their problems. The parents also wanted to go to south and Kevin also. If the Kevin will shift in South with parents, then he must take the responsibility. When parents come back to Derrick then he will take the responsibility of his parents. Moreover, by utilization of the knowledge and experience of the parents both Kevin and Derrick will successful. 50% of finical or retirement package for parents will from Kevin and 50% by Derrick. This also shares the burden and all of them will has no issue reaming. The aim of the Kevin is to invest in different business. He also has opportunity to invest in the ideas of his brother. From south, he can purchase auto parts for Derrick and make profit from it. If he joins the business, he can travel to other parts for the best quality and low cost auto parts and services for the business. By doing so, they can generate number of opportunities for their business. Moreover, Derrick will also work according to his ideas, Kevin also happy, as he will do the same as he thinks. Moreover, the plan of the parents will also act upon as they decided.

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