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Case analysis (Should Kellogg's Launch Gluten-Free Products in India?)

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Is it opportune for Kellogg’s to launch gluten-free products in India? Why or why not?

Should Kelloggs launch the product in the current breakfast cereal market or in the niche market for celiac disease? Justify your answer


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Kellogg was launched in India in 1995. It faces few challenges in market of India but with becoming familiar with living standards and eating habits of people, it increased its performance in the market. Now it is thinking to launch gluten-free products in the market of India. According to a research, ratio of celiac disease is found 1: 193 in Asian countries. It is higher than White people are. This disease was reported first in 1966 in India. Northern India is having more concentration of disease as compared to other parts of the country. It is also estimated that world market for these products would reach to 7.59 billion in 2020. (prnewswire.com, 2015) I think, it would be good to launch this product in market because there exist need for it. Kellogg is having opportunity to introduce this product due to its strong past history. It has gained good market share and now people are familiar with its different products. This is good sign for company to introduce a new and different product.

It can launch this product and provide awareness to people related to this disease. People in India are not much aware of the disadvantage associate with celiac disease. There are many companies in India targeting gluten-free products and earning revenue. Examples of such companies include savoureux foods. It was established in 2011. It has reported turnover of 5 million. SEPI is another local company that was also established with the aim of providing gluten-free precuts to people of India. It also reported turnover of 13 million in 2013. All these analysis show that already companies are working in India for providing such type of products. They are getting profits from market of India. It would be great opportunity for Kellogg to launch this new product with good marketing strategy and customer’s awareness.

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