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chateau margaux launching the third wine case analysis

Category: Business Paper Type: Homework Reference: APA Words: 1500

Chateau Margaux has to deliver customer value proposition with total sum of benefits provided through third wine. Chateau Margaux should target customers in traditional markets. Third wine should introduced in traditional markets in UK, US, Japan as well as France. Customer value can be best generated in these countries. These customers used to buy on regular basis. These customers are premium clients.

Besides that, it is also important to expand their operations and offer their third wine to those customers, who are willing to pay high for high quality wine. They will be premium clients looking for taste and quality regardless of taste. This is the class of those customers, who are new to the world of wine. They admire wine because of its unique taste and quality. Major areas for customer value delivery is should be assured through favorable points for creating differences.

Discussion On IT in automobile is good/bad ABC Date Is all this IT and entertainment technology being integrated into automobiles good news, or bad? On one hand it can be very helpful, on the other it is another distraction for the driver. What do you think? Any suggestions? Technological advancement in current era has critical issues specifically in the automobile. The decision of good or bad things of technology in automobile is depends on its use. The use of technology in car is results of crashes and severe consequences are generates. The use of radio during driving is the major cause of accident incident. The dangerous of texting during driving as well as using attending mobile phone calls creates severe impact on the human life. During texting the minds is diverted the direction and controlling of car, after that driver unable to make effective driving leads to severe causes. Texting while driving as well as Bluetooth system in cars created huge distraction. I think technology in automobile is bad because its results are risky and distracted for the drivers. This would not only harm for the drivers but also for the passengers. Although technological advancement likes GPS navigation system helps but creates diversion of mind rather than focus on driving controlling. Controlling measurements should be taken to reduce such accident incidents in the society. The mobile phones should be turned off during driving and focus on driving direction. Rules and regulation must be enforced about the technology in the car system. On the other hand certain technologies are established that helps in reduction of distractions during driving. Google glass is the solution for distraction. CITATION Mik133 \l 1033 (Elgan, 2013)Reference: BIBLIOGRAPHY \l 1033 Elgan, M. (2013). Is technology the cause of car crashes? Or the cure? Retrieved October 23, 2015, from

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