Assignment on “ETHIOPIA” By ABC Date Ethiopia Ethiopia is known as the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. This country is located in the horn of Africa, and is bordered by the Somalia, northeast and Djibouti in the east, Eritrea to the north, south Soudan or Soudan in the west and Kenya to the south. It is the most popular landlocked country in the world, and second most populated nation in Africa. Some of the oldest evidences found in Ethiopia which shows the presence of modern humans in Ethiopia. It is a multilingual society around about with 80 Ethnic group, with the two largest beings Amhara and Oromo. Ethiopia is the region of coffee bean. The land of this country have natural contrast, with the jungles, vast fertile, and numerous rivers in the north. 5 may 1941 is independent for the people of Ethiopia. CITATION Don15 \l 1033 (Crummey, 2015) Ethiopia Map: Map of Ethiopia contents: Physical Characters: It is one of the most diverse nation which contain about 80 ethnic groups. The features of Omro of Ethiopia is different than the Oromo of Ethiopia. Djibouti and Eritrea have different ethnic groups and Somalia is the most homogenous country in Africa. About 70% population of Horn Africa are the migrated people of Tigray, Somalia, Amhara, and Oromo. The people of Oromo are a Cushitic people. They have aquiline features which are not uncommon. Hair textures and skin tone of the people of this region varies. CITATION Rob06 \l 1033 (Woolbert, 2006) These are the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia. In the People of Amhara facial feature, skin tones and hair textures vary although the people of this region have kinky hairs, prominent or aquiline nose and light brown complexion. The language of the people of this region is Semitic. Somali people are often slender and tall. Usually they have narrow noses, almond shaped eyes, small mouth, and face structure is like oval. And the skin color vary from pale yellow to the dark reddish brown, but the most popular skin color in the people of this region medium brown. In this way different ethnic group have different physical characteristics. Physical Landscape: Landscape in Ethiopia varies just like the climate of this country. There are many physical features in this country like plateaus, highlands, mountain, hills rivers and lakes. Many of the visible features. This landscape has been able to sustain population of high density. This country have long agricultural history. CITATION Mic00 \l 1033 (Bake, 2000) CITATION Bil15 \l 1033 (Billi, 2015) Climate of Ethiopia: Climate of Ethiopia varies with the different topographic regions. The climate of Plateau is moderate with the variation in the minimal seasonal temperature. The mean of the coldest season is 6C while the maximum mean which rarely exceeds is 26C. in the lowlands temperature greatly varies and heat in red sea coastal areas and in deserts is extreme. Name of the Ethiopian seasons are Kiremt or Meher, Belg, Bega, Tseday . Ethiopia is laying in the tropical zone between the Tropic of cancer and the Equator. Ethiopia have different climate zones like wonia dega, Dega, Kolla. CITATION LIY14 \l 1033 (NURU, 2014)Map Of Vegetation: Population of Ethiopia is 98,363,635. In Ethiopia there are 80 ethnic groups. Each ethnic group belong to different race. That’s why physical feature of each ethnic group is different from the other, most people traditionally living in Africa continents are mostly black, and have some general features which referred to Negroid in broad racial categories. The religion of Ethiopian people is Judaism, Islam, Christianity and paganism. Ethopia is predominantly christen country and most of the christens are Orthodox Tewahedo christens and they belongs to Tewahedo Church. Growing rate of Ethiopia is 2.92% annum and land area of Ethiopia is 1.1 million square kilometers, and official language of Ethiopian people is Amharic. CITATION Fik09 \l 1033 (Madebo, 2009) CITATION Orv15 \l 1033 (Jenkins, 2015)Agriculture: Agriculture play important role for the growth of the economy of each country. Agriculture in Ethiopia is plagued in specific periods, deforestation, overgrazing caused soil degradation , poor infrastructure and high level of taxation. Most of the economic activities depend on agriculture including processing, marketing and export of agricultural products. Agriculture department of Ethiopia provide them the opportunities for growing or moving onward. In this country agricultural department play important role for to improve the economy of country. Major and most important crop in Ethiopia is grain and the chief element in diet of the most Ethiopians . important grains are wheat, corn, barley, millet, sorghum and teff. CITATION Asn03 \l 1033 (Woldeab, 2003) CITATION Wil14 \l 1033 (Davison, 2014)Food Habits: Ethiopian people usually like to eat vegetables and very spicy meat dishes usually in the form of wat. Which is a thick stew and is served with atop injera, a large sourdough flatbread which is about 50 centimeter in diameter and is made by the fermented teff flour. They usually eat with the right hands. Ethiopian people rarely use utensils for to eating. Ethiopian people like Bunna as a drink. This is the favorite drink of many of the Ethiopians. People prefers to use this drink in many of the unique and traditional ceremonies. CITATION Rut71 \l 1033 (Selinus, 1971)Staple Crops: Major staple crops of Ethiopia is oilseeds, grains, coffee, pulses, and different varieties of cereals. Barley, wheat, teff are the primary cool weather crops while millet, sorghum and corn are cultivated in warmed areas. CITATION Sha10 \l 1033 (Rashid, 2010) CITATION DrK12 \l 1033 (Fantaye), 2012)Minerals in Ethiopia: Although mining play important role for to improve the economy of any country, but in Ethiopia only 1% mining compromises in GDP. But industrial minerals play important role for the developing of the economy of any country. Tantalum mineral is profitable. Gold is the important export of Ethiopia. Ethiopia have huge mineral resources but due to government policies they are not availing this opportunity. They have huge opportunities , they already have identifies he mineral reserves of copper, gold ,platinum, potash and tantalum. CITATION Rob15 \l 1033 (Brown, 2015) Map Of Minerals: Large and Medium Scale Manufacturing Industries in Ethiopia: Industry name city Products DIRE DAWA (ELFORA) MEAT FACTORY Dire Dawa meat Bahir Dar Edible oil Bahir Dar Cooking oils Nazareth Edible oil Adama Cooking oil Aman Ibrahim oil factory A.A Cooking oil Marti Agro industry Marti Dairy products, Marley Juice Sabetha All kinds of juices ZF Edible oil A.A Cooking oils These are some of the important oil industries in Ethiopia, beside this there are hundreds of oil industries in Ethiopia which are manufacturing oil for Ethiopian people. There are thousands of small or large industries which only manufacture edible oil such as Dil Edible oil industry, Adama Edible oil industry, ZF Edible oil industry, Sultan Muhammad oil industry, Mekonen oil industry, Amare tshome oil, Aman Keder Edible oil factory, Seid Abdy Edible oil, . these industries are serving different region of the people. INDUSTRY NAME CITY PRODUCTS Wuedu flour edible oil factory A.A Vegetable oils and edible flour Kebede industry expoer and import Burayu Export and import of different products Fada food factory A.A Different food products Grime and his sons A.A Misrak flour factory kuha Edible flour Yesuf Flour factory Della Flour Fasil Tesfaye ( Akaka animal feed) Brue Animal feed INDUSTRY NAME CITY PRODUCTS GUDER AGRO INDISTRY Bahir Dar oils Star Flour Enterprise Ambo Flour Kerberos Food complex Bureau Food items INDUSTRY NAME CITY PRODUCTS Sheba industry Gondar Men shoes and jackets Asefa Ajima Kereso Men and women leather shoes Misrak bread and biscuits A.A Biscuits, bread Ethio Tourist trade enterprise A.A Ceramic products Desta Liquor factory Mekele Alcohol Silivana Teseta / Alcohol A.A Alcohol Star coffee PLC A.A Coffee INDUSTRY NAMWE CITY PRODUCTS Areba- Minch textile factory S.wollo Textile Gambia cotton processor Gambia Processor cotton for to export Bahir Dar textile factory plc Amahara Textile Aqua Dire Mineral water Dire Dawa water Ethio Sung bin leather factory A.A Jackets or uppers of leather Alameda textile factory Adwa clothes Progress garments A.A Clothes Kangaroo shoes factory A.A Shoes Ethiopia Saw mill A.A Industrial equipments Amrad wood, metal w Werabe Different things prepared by metal or wood East Africa industry Dukem Packing of different things Yoky Industry PLC Welete particle board, plywood, moulding board for construction INDUSTRY NAME CITY PRODUCTS Adola Magnesium Oxide factory ADOLAREDE Chemicals Kadisco chemicals A.A chemicals Addis medicine factory Adigrat medicines Nazareth soap Adama Soaps and shampoos Y.B cosmetic A.A cosmetics Ethio Asian industry A.A Soaps and detergents Tesfa Gravel Factory Mekele Stone crushing Atsede HHOF Assosa Furniture Combolrcha metal work A.A Metal things Tana engineering A.A Electrical products Bussa Bari Gimbi Cement There are thousands other industries which are providing different services or products for to fulfill the demands or the needs of Ethiopian people. People belonging to different regions have different demands then the industries try to manufacture products according to demand of people. Manufacturing industries playing important role for the growth of the Ethiopian economy. In the GDP about 12% is from the manufacturing side. Urban Centers in Ethiopia: There are hundreds of cities in Ethiopia their names are City Population Interesting feature Abiy Addi 21400 Weather almost remain same whole weak Adama 220,212 Solo goal vs Huesca Adwa 40500 Battle of Adwa is always memorable Addis Ababa 3.385 million Capital of Ethiopia, travelling system is very comfortable Alaba 27,359 David Alaba kick Alamata 33,214 Agriculture Dire Dawa 252279 Tourism, hotels Bahir Dar 168899 Amazing Bahir Dar Stadium Mekele 215546 Universities Harer 90218 Houses Jima 128306 Battle of Low Jima Debre Zeyit 104215 Hotels Goba 34369 Great Ohio bicycle adventure Debre Taboor 32659 Weather Gambela 42366 National park Dese 136056 Postal and telephone services People of Ethiopia belong to different ethnic group, that’s why culture, language, speaking style and living style of each group is different than the other. Each ethnic group have different features, their physical feature also different which make them different from the other. In one city people belonging to different groups lives. These cities are famous due to different characters or features. Some cities of Ethiopia are very attractive or beautiful like Dire Dawa is famous due to the tourism . people like to visit these cities in holidays for to enjoy. In this way these cities contributes for to increase the economy level of Ethiopia. Map: References: BIBLIOGRAPHY \l 1033 Bake, M. (2000). What Type of Landforms Cover Ethiopia? Retrieved april 3, 2015, from http://traveltips.usatoday.com/type-landforms-cover-ethiopia-106016.html Billi. (2015). Landscapes and Landforms of Ethiopia. Retrieved april 3, 2015, from http://www.springer.com/us/book/9789401780254 Brown, R. (2015). Minerals. Retrieved april 3, 2015, from http://esedaexport.com/minerals.html Crummey, D. E. (2015, march 12). Ethiopia . Retrieved april 3, 2015, from http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/194084/Ethiopia/37681/Soils Davison, W. (2014, september 19). Ethiopia’s agriculture hotline provides growing opportunities for farmers. Retrieved april 3, 2015, from http://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2014/sep/19/ethiopia-agriculture-hotline-opportunities-farmers Fantaye), D. K. (2012). Ethiopia. Retrieved april 3, 2015, from http://www.yieldgap.org/ethiopia Jenkins, O. B. (2015, march 14). Race and Ethnicity in the Horn of Africa . Retrieved april 3, 2015, from http://orvillejenkins.com/peoples/raceandethnicity.html Madebo, F. H. (2009). Racism in Ethiopia. Retrieved april 3, 2015, from http://www.enset.org/2009/02/racism-in-ethiopia.html NURU, L. (2014, july 2). How is the Ethiopia climate and season? Retrieved april 3, 2015, from http://www.amharicmovies.com/faq/7869-how-is-the-ethiopia-climate-and-season.html Rashid, S. (2010, january 26). Staple food prices in Ethiopia. Retrieved april 3, 2015, from http://fsg.afre.msu.edu/aamp/seminar_3/AAMP_Maputo_27_Ethiopia.pdf Selinus, R. (1971, january 1). The Traditional Foods of the Central Ethiopian Highlands. Retrieved april 3, 2015, from https://ethnomed.org/clinical/nutrition/the-traditional-foods-of-the-central-ethiopian Woldeab, A. (2003). Physical properties of Ethiopian Vertisols. Retrieved april 3, 2015, from http://www.fao.org/wairdocs/ilri/x5493e/x5493e0a.htm Woolbert, R. G. (2006). The Peoples of Ethiopia. Retrieved april 3, 2015, from http://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/69608/robert-gale-woolbert/the-peoples-of-ethiopia

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