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Subject: Customer Relationship Management

Paper Model: APA

Paper Type: Assignment

Total Words: 377

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Firewall is a computer security device, which provides protection to our data. Firewall is a network system it can be hardware or software, which based on the set of different rules and control the incoming and outgoing network traffic. Firewall Service Module is very important device, which we can be used for to implement different security policies. The look of FWSM is like PIX; actually all these kinds of things are the generation of one family. Although its right that firewall cannot protect us any dangerous incident but the absence of this system can create more dangerous condition for us. Therefore, we cannot ignore the benefits of this system, which play important role for to secure us. The absence of firewall is just like that, a man leave the keys in car, which is unlocked. Because after leaving keys in unlocked car there are less chances that the car will remain save, similarly in the absence of this system we have less chances that we are secure although this system does not give the guarantee of security but in the presence of firewall somehow we feel some satisfaction about the security.

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Subject: Customer Relationship Management

Model: APA

Type: Assignment

Words: 377

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