Food Truck Setting in Brazil

Business Plan Of Food Truck Setting in Brazil Submitted by Dated Food Truck Business Setting in Brazil Introduction The advance technology has introduced a new trend of global business by providing handy resources to the organization. If we look back in to the business practices of few decades before, we can see that there was only few MNCs take a risk to start their business in other countries. It is because two decades before, to start a business in other countries required large capital, there was less resources and the most considering things for the companies which resisted them to make global business approach was the great risk associated in International markets. With the advent of advance technology, especially with the internet technology and other expert systems technology, the organizations management become able to understand the specific international market before entering in to the market and then develops their new market entrance strategy accordingly. This aspect has reduced the Risk associated with the global market. If we evaluate the global business practices according to Peng, we find that still many companies have to struggle to enter into the global business world because they do not understand the cross cultural impact and enter into the market with inappropriate strategy which create problem for the company CITATION Mik10 \l 1033 (Peng, 2010). It will be included the analyses of Brazilian culture by considering its political situation, religious issues, economic issues, behavior and social values of the people and most importantly the transportation infrastructure. Food industry has turned into the most quickly growing and a standout amongst the best commercial enterprises on the planet. In this way, sustenance business in any nation has awesome potential however there is have to concentrate on some related components to consider before beginning a nourishment business in whatever other nation. It is on account of individuals of distinctive locales of the world having created diverse taste buds and distinctive dietary propensities. Purpose of the writing The aim of the writing is to start business in international market and for this purpose, Brazil country is selected to start a truck food business. By considering the cross-culture link with the global business, there cultural aspects will be considered to set up truck food business in the Brazil. Overview of Brazil Brazil Is a wonderful country with highest population in the South America with a population of more than 200 million which made it among the top ten most populated countries of the world. Brazil is also the most beautiful country of the world and its natural beauty attracts tourist from all over the world. Brazil stretches alongside the Amazon which is a home of many rare species. The thick green forests, the beauty of it cities especially, Rio de Janeiro make this land an attractive place for the researchers CITATION Cab13 \l 1033 (Caballero, 2013). Brazil have been enjoying economy boom since last decade and provided great opportunities to the MNCs. Brazilian people are fun loving and they are very energetic. They have their own customs, and values of life. Brazilian people are food lover and most of the Brazilian food is adopted from the South African culture and Mexican food culture. According to the Caballero,the major religion of the country is Christianity and most of the people follow catholic religion but minorities also enjoy life in Brazil as there is no religious conflicts exist in Brazil thus, Brazilian give enough space to the minorities to liv a happy life CITATION Cab13 \l 1033 (Caballero, 2013). Brazilian Culture Brazilian Culture is rich as the Brazilian known for their custom values and for their deep relation with their cultural customs. In this aspect, the Brazilian events or cultural festival have great important and they have worldwide fame. Brazilian Carnival is annual Brazilian Event which Brazilian people celebrate and this event always gets international coverage and people from all over the come to Brazil to participate and to enjoy this event. It is not wrong to say that Brazilian are very much attached with their culture, but at the same time. According to the Caballero, Brazilian people give enough space to the people belongs to other religion so in the response of globalized business trend in Brazil, the diverse culture has becoming rich in the country CITATION Cab13 \l 1033 (Caballero, 2013). Food Business potential in Brazil Food industry is one of the largest industries in Brazil and Brazilian people love to enjoy variety of food. There are some luxury hotels and restaurants as well which are providing amazing food services. Most of the Brazilian population areas are densely populated. Therefore, we can see small food corners at every corner of the street. According to a PLOS review of the Brazilian food Industry, the most interesting thing about the Brazilian food industry is that the Brazilian people are food lover therefore, every food business have great opportunities to get success in the market if they just maintain the taste and price of the food. Brazil also attract people from all over the world and many multinational companies are working in Brazil thus there are more opportunities to enter into the market with variety of food CITATION Mon10 \l 1033 (Carlos & Cannon., 2010). Food Truck Business Overview in Brazil The food truck business in Brazil is not a new Idea but it is definitely a unique idea because Brazil has multiple places where food business could be run successfully and at the same time. If business does not work at one place, then it could be easily shift to other place to target new market. This fact reduces the risk associated with the business at great extent. According to the William, Some Brazilian companies have already been running this business in Brazli among those companies the Comida do Sul Brazilian Food Truck Company is one of the emerging food service providing company. Food Truck Trend quickly developing on the planet as the most impressive advantage of it is that it is moveable and if there is awful market or business fizzled at one spot then expect of shutting business it can likewise be moved to some other potential spot. There are numerous lodgings and eatery in Brazil. Nourishment truck is a rising pattern in sustenance industry CITATION Wil131 \l 1033 (Williams, 2013). Political Issues Brazil is political stable place of the region, the government of Brazil has established strong relations with its neighbors and if we look at the internal condition of the country, we can realize that there is no civil war and even no crises exists in between the political parties, religious parties and any other groups. DilamRouseff is the President of Brazil since 2011 and she was re-elected by the Brazilian people as she has not merely ensure the democracy in the country, but at the same time, she has made great achievement for the progress of the country. The most considerable thing in this aspect, is that to strengthen the country’s economy, Brazil not merely strengthen its relations with other countries, but by reducing the taxes, they have developed new doors for the foreign investors and provide a potential platform to the companies to set up their business in highly potential market of Brazil. In this aspect, it would the political factor is very much suitable for to start Truck Food business in Brazil. The role of Foreign investigation department is very much concern about to develop foreign investment in Brazil and in this response a large number of Brazilian company have been moving towards the Brazil to take the competitive advantage. Thus Truck business has no political issues to enter in to the Brazil market CITATION Bra15 \l 1033 (Brazil Gov, 2015). Religious Issues for food Business in Brazil Brazil is a democratic country where majority and minority have been living their lives happily. The major religion of Brazilian people is Christianity and it is the place where Catholic Christians exist in large number and according to some analyses it is found that Brazil has the highest number of Catholic in the world. Among minorities Muslims and Hindus are in large majority. This would be an issue for the Truck food business because they cannot come into the market with same line of products because Brazil has been rapidly growing its global business and MNCs and people from other culture, religions, and countries are moving toward Brazil. These people having different food, different cultural values thus they have different taste buds CITATION Cab13 \l 1033 (Caballero, 2013). In this aspect, if the Truck Food will be start in a diversely populated area then the Truck Food needed to enter into the market with multi types of food such as Chinese, Mexican, Italian and subcontinent food so that they could attract a large number of market and never say no to them CITATION Cab13 \l 1033 (Caballero, 2013). Moreover, to capture the diverse population, company needed to consider the food code. Such as the Hindus and Buddhist do not eat meat, Muslims only eat food that is allowed in their religion thus they do not eat pig and other meat should be Halal. There are also some food that are used by the Christian but most of all, the food company needed to consider the cultural food and the taste of cultural people such as the Brazilian people like to eat Coxinha, Frita, Btana, O Mutante . However to introduce one new food would be a trend setting in Brazilian culture but at the same time it would have a little risk as well CITATION GUS15 \l 1033 (BONATO, 2015). Economic Issues in Brazil Economy of Brazil is now on the road of development and Brazilian people are enjoying the economic development. There is unemployment rate is very low. Brazil is the world 8th biggest nation and it positioned seventh among biggest acquiring force nations. In the thought of nourishment industry, there are no genuine financial issues in Brazil nonetheless; there are expenses and different arrangements contrast in Brazil in the middle of the administration and global business that gives and preference to the neighborhood organizations over universal business. Brazil has been getting a charge out of a relentless development of economy that shows the desires of business accomplishment in Brazilian market CITATION Bra15 \l 1033 (Brazil Gov, 2015). There are no serious financial or economic issues the Truck business would have to face, but at the same time, they would have to face employment related issues because eth people of Brazil are famous as most non loyal employees and according to a research they rotate their job in every six months, therefore, there is need to enter into the market with better human resource strategies to cope up the employees related issues CITATION Bra15 \l 1033 (Brazil Gov, 2015). Transportation infrastructure in Brazil Brazilian are quickly moving towards the improvement, the enormous urban areas have development level of Transportation framework, Roads are wide and clean that are suitable for the activity and overwhelming movement vehicles moves effectively on vast streets. On the other hand, there are additionally boulevards which don't exactly measure up for overwhelming transport. Essentially, the greater part of the region rustic zones are quickly creating and are joined through streets. Quick travel Trains moves inside the city and outside the city also. Each substantial city has an air terminal. Transportation situation is suitable for the matter of sustenance truck as it can be effortlessly move from spot to place. Additionally, Truck industry is effective in Brazil and not everywhere level but rather at a few spots sustenance truck business has likewise been running, for example, Comida-do-sul Brazilian Food Truck and Ta Bom Truck Brazilian Cuisine. Therefore the Transportation structure is also suitable for the Truck Business in Brazil CITATION GUS15 \l 1033 (BONATO, 2015). People and their social/Cultural Values in Brazil Brazilian is a nourishment cherishing country; they like to eat conventional sustenance generally in view of European and African sustenance sorts. Then again, they like zesty and mellow hot nourishments consequently different nourishment items could be given through sustenance trucks, yet amid available time, individuals have brief time to lunch, subsequently fast food would be a superior alternative to catch target market. Besides, as the Brazilian economy is developing, individuals from alternate nations are moving to Brazil for business and for tourism also, in this way, in the event that we focus on a recreational place then numerous sustenance item could likewise pull in individuals CITATION Cab13 \l 1033 (Caballero, 2013). Other concerns to Understand in Brazil There are some of the Following Issues which should be considered to enter into the Brazilian Market. These issues are related to the employees, fuel related issues and transportation issues. Crude materials for the truck nourishment business are effectively accessible in Brazil. To begin the business there is have to have a Truck, a cooking extent with electric stove to broil and cook nourishment, a profound Freezer to save halfway cooked of uncooked sustenance like meat, vegetables and soon, cooler for Cold beverages, and an espresso making machines CITATION JAm14 \l 1033 (Conca, 2014). High Employees Turnover Rate in Brazil High Turnover rate in Brazil would be a Problem for the Truck food because Brazilian people are used to shift their jobs averagely on 4 to 6 months which would be created problems; therefore they should be enter with strong motivational strategies. Secondly employees salary are also high in Brazil but one benefit is that to run Truck food business there is no need to hire more skilled staff. Fuel related Issues Diesel costs are low in Brazil and Diesel is effortlessly accessible in Brazilian Market, there it would not cost much to utilize Diesel as a fuel. Notwithstanding, to cook sustenance, Gas chamber would be utilized as a superior alternative as it is effectively moveable however similarly costly to the gas which is utilized for cooking through channel lines. Power can likewise be created from electric generator run with petrol as petrol is not lavish in Brazil and effectively accessible other choice for power vitality would sunlight based board framework as the climate of Brazil is bit Hot, and sun typically seem more often than not in the year, thusly, sun powered vitality would be utilized as a modest vitality asset and for cooking electric warmer would be a decent alternative if electric vitality would have been producing through sun oriented force CITATION Bra15 \l 1033 (Brazil Gov, 2015). Recommendations At very first stage, there is need to thoroughly understand the Brazilian culture. Enter into the market with unique and strong strategies. Such as there is need to enter in to the market with unique product line. Employees should be made loyal by encouraging them through motivational strategies. Local employees should be hired as they will be helpful to understand the local people requirement. Need to invest research and Development to understand the market. Competitors’ analyses should be taken serious. Conclusion The Food truck business has great room in the Brazilian industry. The political system, the cultural values, and transportation are in the favor of the business. There is need to concern to the employees loyalty. To start the food truck business, there should be a strong strategic management especially to meet the requirement of the Brazilian culture. Company should fulfill its social corporate responsibilities to avoid any illegal activities and its consequences. Bibliography BIBLIOGRAPHY BONATO, G. (2015, February 24). Truck strike enters 7th day, crimps Brazil's fuel, food supplies. Retrieved April 17, 2015, from Brazil Gov. (2015). Doing Business in Brazil. Retrieved April 29, 2015, from Caballero, S. (2013). "Initial description of the phylogeography, population structure and genetic diversity of Atlantic spotted dolphins from Brazil and the Caribbean, inferred from analyses of mitochondrial and nuclear DNA. Biochemical Systematics and Ecology, 263-270. Carlos, M., & Cannon., G. (2010). The impact of transnational “big food” companies on the South: a view from Brazi. PLoS, 100-152. Conca, J. (2014). Pick Your Poison For Crude, Pipeline, Rail, Truck Or Boat. Retrieved March 5, 2015, from Mello, J. (2015). Tax on Foreign Investments in Brazil. Retrieved April 2015, 2015, from Peng, M. ( 2010). Global Business: Available Titles CourseMate Series. Cengage Learning,. Williams, C. T. (2013). "LOCAL FOOD|| GLOBAL FOOD: DO WE HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO REINVENT THE US FOOD SYSTEM?: A Hungry Industry on Rolling Regulations: A Look at Food Truck Regulations in Cities across the Brazil. Me. L. Rev, 705-823.

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