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Assignment On Franz Edelman Paper Review Of “The Value of Fast Fashion: Quick Response, Enhanced Design, and Strategic Consumer” Behavior By: ABC Date: 1: What is your opinion of the value of the article with respect to the business community? Why? According to changing environment and fashion that is consistently inculcating from personal to professional level is becoming the biggest consumer market now a day because according to me this article that is showing the coherence between marketing and its impact upon industry as well. Fashion industry is widening because the dynamic natured behavior of consumers is constantly pursuing for the ways that are essential in exploring this field as whole. The reflection after reading all the elements that has been already discussed in article are very essential in obtaining industry centered perception generally but specifically about the whole knowledge in this knowledge based economy and industry centered thinking. The value of this literature is equally beneficial for business community and government sectors. The business community even it is endorsing the fashion role in business or negating but actually using the fashion industry for their advertisement campaign at least. For Example, the consumer market is attach with the social life and all people constitutes social life directly and indirectly impacting the whole community and one can say the fashion know how is attach with the social life ultimately. The business who constitutes production of stereotype products can survive in market but business that negates the role of marketing and fashion industry role in market cannot survive at all. This reality based model upon the marketing thinking is necessary for all level of operation with the business sector and even there are traces found beyond the business community that actually show side by side endorsement for the updated product information and industry centered news items. The consumer is itself owner of business and changes in consumer life constitute major effects upon the business community because community needs endorsement of changing data with changing environment for getting the competitive advantage in this complex corporate culture and the whole cultural studies are there endorse the usage of fad and trends in consumer relationship with business. Business community and business centered mindset always seeks the change in their marketing department so that products through different channels cannot ignore those segments as they ignored already. Therefore, under the above given arguments there the only purpose that was alluring above all is that the study is truly beneficial for the business community as whole. 2: What is your opinion of its value with respect to this course? Let me say that the lateral qualification of GERARD CACHON that is already centralized with the operations, information as well as marketing department and endorsements made by such personality is very alluring against the development of business and business foundation indeed. The mixed knowledge of different fields is there with amalgamation of techniques and tactics so far. In article the extensive level of understanding above the assortment planning that clearly showed that the as whole the writing of scholar is very much coherent with the research material that has been presented here. The marketing concepts and conceptual framework of marketing literature at vast level showed that consumer and consumer centered needs, demands, behavior and attitudes are only the subject matter of marketing regardless other fields. The operations management is also discuss in the writing but the level of understanding against all activities and operation in businesses showed in article the consumer behavior learning so far. The other type of information that is glaring in the subject matter as well is the discourse analysis of supply chain management that is also a part of communication and outbound logistics specifically related with the marketing management and marketing management concept and their understanding up to great extent. The supply chain management is there above all other information and mechanism knowledge found in writing and this thing showed that the whole business process literature found it in generally but specifically about the marketing management according to various aspects. The author of this study and the subject matter coherence is very important in developing the link between these two aspects as well as with the subject matter of course that is most concerned over here and related with the marketing management as the broad perspective said. These novel strategies and such strategies that are sufficient in developing the linkage between literature and literature centered operations at vast level is actually developing those processes and articulating those activities that are timely needed in marketing management and coherent with the marketing concepts as discussed and exemplified through fashion industry. Concisely speaking about the broad paradigm of the literature of this study that concept are still under review if the marketing management and concept of marketing or marketing management. Summary: The capturing of design capabilities and the design of those products that actually needs to evaluate. Redesign management in the fashion industry is not a new concept at all. This fast and immediate delivery of products in fashion industry is the phenomenon that shaped the new things and new concepts in terms of marketing or consumer behavior analysis. The best arguments that were given in this study that in fashion industry there is no product and whole products are the hot products and these products actually are best in achieving the competitive advantage. This hot products and hot products impact upon the consumer trends and consumer behavior in this industry is core purpose of this study as the study wants to explore the basic agenda in defining consumer demands and needs for the sake of marketing management has been discussed in this literature. There are many scholars, thinker, initiators who always see that the linked concept and conceptual framework against immediate needs of market generally and with the amalgamation of fashion industry specifically in this piece of writing. In fashion industry only the demands are mostly those demands that are designated as uncertain demands. The concept of fad has been applied there in fashion industry as this industry grows. The concept of fad is also not a new concept and all industry regulators now created special department to forecast the demands and this time demands should be more near the actual demands the industry is going to show. Such uncertain demands need those hot products in minimum time with vast production so that demand centered industry as the fashion industry is could get the profit as much as it wants to get. Apparel industry and role initiators of that apparel industry are showing side by side endorsement taken attitude as Zara, H&M and Benetton demonstrates. The whole structure of this industry and such industry endorser articulate the fast fashion and this fast fashion is going day by day towards the introduction of new products and styled centered as well. The strategic consumer behavior is among the core objectives in this study because industry needed enhanced design against strategies consumer behavior. The behavior and attitude study against those behavior are key importance so that companies can get enforcement and produce new products directly and indirectly show the same demands in real manners. The variant product industry as fashion industry is strongly depends upon the immediate changing in consumer behavior therefore many organizations are there in this industry that enhance the level of those writer who actually wants to evaluate consumer and consumer behavior for their marketing management process and successful implication of these concepts. There is strong and logical link between the strategic consumer behavior and commitment of business to full fill that behavior and the supply chain performance also endorse the importance of consumer behavior in actual manner. The durability of goods, products and services are there that actually needy in representation of these products and selection of price against those products. This complex relationship is actually not complex at all because the complex relationship is known as the best implemented in different paradigm. Strategic consumer behavior is also a consumer behavior as whole but the strategic approach towards the achievement of this behavior shows the business willingness to acquire that behavior in business processes as well as business operations. There are many studies who endorse this study and these hypotheses in different ways. This is general phenomenon that consumer wants products as one can say immediate products as soon as they needed it with respect to other behavior and assessment centered issues in different way. In the study author uses the already done studies about the immediate response and most notably that study which was formulated by the Cachon and Winey about the immediate response. According to their study, they both evaluate in the general perspective that the immediate response towards the needs of market and consumer is actually show the relevancy against the product and forecasted about the product. They evaluate that if the supply need to match with demand in real manner than the industries should focus upon the consumer behavior because if they success in developing consumer behavior towards their product than the whole cost of study as well as product cost will come back and the demands with meet the actual supply in businesses. Now that general phenomenon is also very essential in fashion industry too because fashion industry is struggling with the consumer behavior and one can say with the uncertain demands. The selling environment and selling culture in that environment is very essential in developing the logical demands against consumer. As per the recommendation of author against the fashion industry showed that this industry need to run the timely efforts in developing demands in market. Short production is not recommended for those large organizations constitute the half or more than half market share. Contrastingly it is bounded towards the achievement of fashion and fashion centered products as launching by the fashion industry initiators. The distribution channel, communication ways and supply chain mechanisms are there in this industry to show some side by side alignment with the industry and industrial needs and demands. This short production leads towards the timely products in industry and reshape the consumer demands. At advance level of this study showed that the industry also constitute some trendy product design and product portfolio reshaping techniques so that the whole products and product design in industry directly or indirectly attach with the consumer and only one aspect of marketing can provide required things and required demands as industry needed it. Therefore, these enhanced design techniques are there at vast level in fashion industry so that industry can grow as fast as it has to. According to game theory the game is being played by two aspects of consumer market. Business focused upon the sale price and inventory level every time and consumer opposites. References: BIBLIOGRAPHY \l 1033 Cachon, G. P., & Swinney, R. (2011). The Value of Fast Fashion: Quick Response,Enhanced Design, and Strategic Consumer Behavior. Management Science , 57 (4), 778–795.

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