HRM of Green Hotel in Bent, Oregon

Assignment on HRM of Green Hotel in Bent, Oregon By ABC Dated: Human Resource Management Simply the human resource refers to managing the work force, making the policies, execute plans. Implements change and hire a right person to the right place. The importance of the HRM is increasing in the industry, as it is the essential department of the business. Moreover, this also helps to manger all the resources of the company CITATION Ada15 \l 1033 (Adam Cobb, 2015). Moreover, the mostly cop with human capital of the business. Like other departments the hotel industry also need for the effective and efficient department of the HRM for its development and growth. The function of the HRM at Green hotel is to make the performance of the employee, manage, control, monitor and make policies regarding the profit of the hotel. Human Resource at Green Hotel is a dynamic function that facilitates with direction and strategic leadership to hotel. The role of the HR is crucial in maintaining the position of the hotel in the market. There are number of other hotel working in Bent. Therefore, the HR department of the hotel handles these key areas Recruitment or Talent Acquisition Training and Development Rewards Employee Relations Organizational Development Talent Management Recruitment or Talent Acquisition The general manger is the top executive of the hotel. He is responsible for all the activities of the hotel. The functions of the manager are to control mange and supervise all the operations in the business. Therefore, the top priority is to hiring of an effective and efficient manger for the Green Hotel. He will be responsible for the profit generation and development of the hotel business CITATION Val15 \l 1033 (Bolden-Barrett, 2015). For this purpose, the GM will hire at least six months before the start of the hotel. The lack of skill gaps is the universal problem of the hotel industry. Therefore, the HR department has to hire the work force with great care. The general manager will help the HR department to recruit for the workforce of the hotel. He will help to hire and tells the HR department to hire those workforce that suits his attitude and help to improve the business of the hotel. He also helps to select the quality of the wait staff, chefs, bartenders or housekeepers they need to run the hotel. This staff will hire before the start of the hotel. The one-month or two weeks before the starting will a feasible time for the hiring of this staff CITATION Bre121 \l 1033 (Bresciani, 2012). This is the front line or base line staff of the hotel. There is need to hire the administrative staff. This includes the finance manger, marketing manager, customer relationship officer and more important is the quality manger. The quality manger will responsible for the quality services and food quality for the customers CITATION Tru15 \l 1033 (Brunot, 2015). The recruitment of this entire staff will be done with the help of third party recruitment or direct hiring. Some of the staff will hire from direct hiring and some is by using the third party recruitment agencies. For this purpose, advertisement will be posted on social media and newspaper for the skilled labor and technical staff for the hotel. One important thing is that job offerings will be on equality base and through fair and transparent system CITATION Car13 \l 1033 (Foster, 2013). Training and Development The purpose of hiring of general manager, other administrative staff and non-manger staff before the start of the hotel is to give training to employees of the hotel. The Green hotel is opening new and starting its business from Bent, Oregon. Therefore, the structure and environment of the hotel is according to the local market. The staff will also hire from the local area so that they can work easily for the customer satisfaction CITATION HRw12 \l 1033 (HRweb, 2012). The training and development of the employees will help to develop good relationships with employer. This will help the new recruiters to retain them. The people of bent are found of entertainment and visit hotels at their local events. Therefore, the expert staff is required for public dealing. Sometimes an employee has knowledge but have not practical knowledge, the training and development of the employee make more efficient in his work. The hotel management and HR department will try to hire young people to the work. The reason is that they are more energetic and zealous for growth. They work hard with commitment for the development of the hotel. The most important assets of any business are human assets of human capital that cannot be copied by the competitors. Therefore, some training sessions will be feasible for the hotel CITATION Hoq00 \l 1033 (Hoque, 2000). For the retention strategy, training of employees is very necessary for the success of the hotel business. The Chefs can give training for cultural food and others cultures will be provide uniqueness of the hotel and expertise of chef. There are more than 300 restaurants in Bent. Therefore, the competition is higher CITATION Gin14 \l 1033 (McAdam, 2014). Green hotel needs some strategically start of the business. The restaurants are on the cultural basis and food provides them. Therefore, the chefs of Green Hotel will also able to provide the large variety of food for the customer. The quality manger will provide training to ensure the quality in customer service and quality food. For this purpose, the staff will train to get eth feedback from the customers. The instant feedback will give and evaluate the operations and food quality of the Green Hotel. Moreover, the further changing can be easily made at initial step. In addition, the training and development program is dividing into two category newcomers training programs and current employee’s development programs CITATION Sal15 \l 1033 (Salary, 2015). Rewards The rewards include the compensation and benefits that will give to the workforce. This also includes the salaries and wages of the employees. HR helps business to set the compensation packages and set the salaries and wages of the managerial and non-managerial staff. The HR department is the most important one in success of the business therefore; the employees of the department are also from the local community CITATION Vis15 \l 1033 (Visitedbend, 2015). The reason for this is that they can easily understand the culture of the local community and trends and average salaries or wages of Bent. Moreover, the Hr department will take help from different websites like to determine the wages of different level employees. However, the minimum wage will be set according to the rules and regulations of state and local labor laws. The salaries of the lower staff will also determine under the federal tax code. According to ISHC, in hotel industry the sharing of cash in terms of bonuses and tips helps to raise the productivity of the employees. Moreover, it indirectly increases the income of the hotel CITATION hil15 \l 1033 (hiltonworldwide, 2015). There are two proposed plan for the setting of the wages and salaries from the HR department. The one is the traditional pay structure and second is the contingent pay structure. The traditional is performance based and the contingent is ranked based. Both will apply to the hotel for some time CITATION tri15 \l 1033 (tripadvisor, 2015). The structure will give more positive results will be implemented in hotel. The performance-based salary is commonly observed that more popular in lower staff. This also helps to increase the performance and efficiency of the employees. The local company and recruiters agencies also help to determine the salaries and wages of the employees. The accurate salaries and wages of the different level of employees are necessary to know because the budget of the hotel project will determine CITATION Ada15 \l 1033 (Adam Cobb, 2015). Employee Relations There are number of employees that will work in the hire on different posts and job assign to them. Therefore, this is necessary to hire the technical manager at the front line. The front line manger has to handle and manage the large diverse workforce. For this purpose, the manger of supervisor gives training to handle the large and diverse workforce working in hotel. Therefore, the HR department will set up some strategies to keep the relation of employees good with employer, coworkers and new comers CITATION Val15 \l 1033 (Bolden-Barrett, 2015). For this purpose, different types of strategies are made by top executives and implemented by HR department. This includes the better communication opportunities to the employees. Every one encourages giving ideas for the betterment of the services and the hotel business. The career development plan and fringe benefits to employees will also help the hotel to keep the employee with it. It is also suggested that vision or mission of the employees also share with the employees. The development of personal plans associated with organizational keeps the employee motivated. The offering of different benefits helps management to keep good relationships with the employee CITATION Bre121 \l 1033 (Bresciani, 2012). Keeping good relations with the employees help to increase the growth of the business. Therefore, the management has to increase the employee involvement and communication within the organization. For this purpose, weekly meetings will arrange with staff managers and executives for the discussion of operational activities. Open staff gatherings of hotel are held month to month, for both perpetual and easygoing workers, the motivation behind which is twofold. Firstly, to go on data on the execution of the lodging and to go about as a gathering in which staff can make inquiries straightforwardly of the general director CITATION Tru15 \l 1033 (Brunot, 2015). In particular, a consultative advisory group known as the 'Representative Forum' meets on monthly basis. It is led by the hotel general supervisor or the faculty director. This gathering is embodied chosen staff delegates from every office and permits staff to raise issues identified with their workspace. It is likewise, where acknowledgment is gone on to staff for good administration and worker delegates vote in favor of an employee of the month CITATION Car13 \l 1033 (Foster, 2013). Organizational Development At the starting of the project of Green Hotel, there will be number of problems will face by the business in order to reach the goals. Human resource department also helps in organizational development. There is always a plan B in case the plan A will not execute properly. The change management will very feasible for the hotel because there are different departments working in the hotel. These are the purchase department, marketing, customer relationships, food and beverages, customer care, finance, maintenance and others CITATION HRw12 \l 1033 (HRweb, 2012). Therefore, any problem during the project will be discussed in-group meetings. Brainstorming will help to find number of possible solutions for the hotel management. This also helps to develop the teams, business process and customized training for the hotel. The opening of the hotel will be more impact full because the first impression will very essential for the development and growth of the business. The promotion of hotel by marketing department will also mandatory and helpful to attract the new customers. At the start, many customers will come to visit the new hotel. Therefore, the best services will attracts and influence the customers CITATION Hoq00 \l 1033 (Hoque, 2000). The Human Resources will provide the transformational role in the development of the new business. For the Green hotel, this will very useful for the business growth. The organizational develops the HR professional to work on firm structure, helps transformation, improves and analyzes the overall health of the project and business, learning and development interventions and makes the organization healthy for the future challenges. Therefore, the hiring of the employees will do with great care because they are the foundations of the business. The structure or building of the hotel does not attract much. However, the customers will attract with attitude, serving & food quality and customer care. Therefore, the HR department will also help to maintain the customer relationship management CITATION Gin14 \l 1033 (McAdam, 2014). Talent Management In the hotel sector, the talent management is used to gain the competitive advantage. The reason for this practice is that there are about 300 restaurants working in Bent. Therefore, the Green hotel needs some uniqueness and competitive edge that drive the attention of the customers. The customers are the main stakeholders of the project of the Green hotel. The employees can be reduced or increases, the salaries can be changed but the change in the preference of the customer will suffer the whole organization CITATION Vis15 \l 1033 (Visitedbend, 2015). Therefore, the HR department is working to hunt the talented workforce for the organization. This is also necessary for the general manger of Green Hotel to look for new means to create competitive advantage in the intense completion and tight market of Bend. The talent management provides the opportunity to enhance the operations for the hotel by focusing and indentifying the customers. The human resource is the challenge and face difficulties in the hotel business. The talent management will help the hotel to manage, develop and retain workforce. Moreover, this also includes the compensation, recruiting, employee performance management, succession planning and learning for the hotel and its employees CITATION hil15 \l 1033 (hiltonworldwide, 2015). All these actions are performed by other hotels. The need is to win competition them because of quality, and unique resources to gain the competitive advantage. The environment and interior of the Green hotel will also attract the tourists to come to the hotel. In addition, the talent management also helps the hotel to make the goals and determine the direction of the goals CITATION Ada15 \l 1033 (Adam Cobb, 2015). Other Liabilities of HR This is the duty of the HR to mange and abides by federal employment laws. There is need to follow the safety codes for the employees of the hotel. For this purpose, the employee will give workplace safety training to ensure their health. This is the duty of the HR to ensure the occupational health and safety standards. Any kind of conflict between the employees will also solve by the HR CITATION Val15 \l 1033 (Bolden-Barrett, 2015). Moreover, the HR makes the policies to ensure the behavior of the employees. Moreover, according to need, the HR can hire the part time employees. The part time employees will offer the duty at night. It also helps to keep the good relationships between the employees and the employer. Any conflict will be managed so that there will no strikes from labor unions. The hotel is the place where the customers are mostly from upper class, tourists and sophisticated people, the business executives and professionals are come to visit hotels for different purposes. Therefore, the security of the customers is also the responsibility of the hotels. The HR department twill also handling the security. For this purpose, the use of technology will feasible for the security of the hotel and the customers CITATION Bre121 \l 1033 (Bresciani, 2012). Human Resource at Green Hotel is a dynamic function that facilitates with direction and strategic leadership to hotel. The role of the HR is crucial in maintaining the position of the hotel in the market. The whole process of the recruiting and reward system will execute with the help of HR and general manager of the Green Hotel. However, the determination of salaries will be given with Job description and job specifications advertisement of the Green Hotel at time of hiring. This is also necessary for the general manger of Green Hotel to look for new means to create competitive advantage CITATION Tru15 \l 1033 (Brunot, 2015). References BIBLIOGRAPHY \l 1033 Adam Cobb. (2015). Using Talent Management to Drive Competitive Advantage. Retrieved April 22, 2015, from Bolden-Barrett, V. (2015). The Role of the Human Resources Department in a Hospitality Organization. Retrieved April 22, 2015, from Bresciani, S. (2012). Human resource management – practices,performance and strategy in the Italian hotel industry. World Review of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sust. Development, 8(4), 405-423. Brunot, T. (2015). The Role of a Human Resource Manager in the Hospitality Industry. Retrieved Aparil 22, 2015, from Foster, C. (2013). Organizational Development. Retrieved April 22, 2015, from hiltonworldwide. (2015). Recruiting talent. Retaining team members. Retrieved April 22, 2015, from Hoque, K. (2000). Human Resource Management in the Hotel Industry: Strategy, Innovation and Performance. Routledge,. HRweb. (2012). Organization Development Consulting. Retrieved April 22, 2015, from McAdam, G. (2014). THE REAL ROLE OF HR IN HOSPITALITY. Retrieved April 22, 2015, from Salary. (2015). Human Resources Manager Salaries in Bend, OR. Retrieved April 22, 2015, from tripadvisor. (2015). Best Restaurants in Bend, OR. Retrieved Aparil 22, 2015, from Visitedbend. (2015). ARTS, ENTERTAINMENT AND CULTURE IN BEND OREGON. Retrieved April 22, 2015, from

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