IT Application on Ratsie’s Restaurant

Abdulla IT Application on Ratsie’s Restaurant 03/24/2015 IT Application on Ratsie’s Restaurant Introduction In the current era of rapid development, the role of advance technology has been widely using to speed up the business operation and it has become an essential part of almost all the small and large businesses. Every company in some ways has been using technology to improve their businesses by the mean of transforming their business from manual systems to automated system. The recent years are prominently describable because since 2001 a large number of businesses adopted advance technology such as knowledge management system, Customer relationship management system, Supply chain management systems, Enterprise Resource Planning systems and some other executive management systems which have been using as a source of information technology. It is precisely right to say that the adoption of the advance technology and the integration from the manual system to automatic system has amazingly enhanced the businesses practices and sped up business operations that open news way for business progress. Thesis statement In the following writing, I aim to evaluate the practices of a restaurant, to understand the factors that have been hindering the company to acquire its required results. By considering the resisting elements, I propose to find the ways to improve the business practices by removing the hindering factors by the mean of technology integration. Introduction of the company For the following assignment, I have selected the Zikrayet Restaurant and Hooka. Zikrayet Restaurant and Hooka is a medium sized local Middle Eastern restaurant with capacity of 80 guests. The restaurant offers Middle Eastern style food and Hooka service. It is based in an urban area to attract the great market of customers who want restaurant and Hooka services in the area. Customers for the restaurant are from wide range of ages from young adults to seniors. Currently, the restaurant employs 12 servers, 2 bartenders, 6 kitchen staff, a manager, and 2 hostesses CITATION Sak09 \l 1033 (Sakao & Lindahl, 2009). Current Scenario While the restaurant is doing very well as far as sales and profits, there are some limitations that hinder the restaurant’s capability of maximizing profits especially on busy nights. The crowded Friday and Saturday nights are not caught up with service pace because the servers and the bartenders have to follow the manual hard copy versions of notes to take orders from customers and operate CITATION Gui15 \l 1033 (Guinn, 2015). Goals and Objectives In order to change the structure and operations of the restaurant, some updates and changes have to be made in the Information systems such as digitalizing the orders and installing a POS system that would make the process much more efficient. The area of 1600 square feet in the restaurant make a lot of room to install more than one monitor in order to make it easier on the servers to operate the place CITATION Sak09 \l 1033 (Sakao & Lindahl, 2009). Possible Steps to taken In the analyses of the current situation it is realized that the company has been facing problem because of its manual systems that required more men power and give a little output but most importantly, the things that has been creating problem is that the manual system take to much time to complete business operation therefore, the company is unable to deal its customers in peak days. On the other hand, the customer flow is considerable, but as in the current situation the life has become very busy and the customers do not have much time to wait for their turn. In this response the customers move towards the other options that reduce the customers flow at the restaurant CITATION 9ba15 \l 1033 (, 2015). In this consideration, company is looking forwards to install new technology to speed up business operation so that more people could be served in small time. The company has enough room to install the POS and an advance Information system so that the company operation could be done efficiently. The POS is known as the Point Of Sale and this systems is effectively use by retail stores and restaurants. This is based on a computerized system and offer its owner to track cash flow, food inventory and for tracking sales of the restaurant. Moreover, It also helps the owner to manage the bookkeeping CITATION Sak09 \l 1033 (Sakao & Lindahl, 2009). In the present, time the order is taken manually from the customer then it is send to the production house and after that the order is serving by the service boys. In this process, the customers has to wait for their turn and the entire process of the restaurant is delay that creates problems not merely for the customers but for the company as well, as it reduce the company’s overall sale and hinders company to achieve its objective CITATION Sak09 \l 1033 (Sakao & Lindahl, 2009). The POS system has great potential for the restaurant business as it provides countless benefits that could be helpful for the Zakriyat restaurant and Hooka: More customers can be served In a scenario if client needs to pay with Visa, they can pay through it with POS, while a restaurant may have an ATM on location, numerous clients will be hesitant to pay unnecessary ATM charges just to purchase a feast with frosty, therefore, the existence of POS give them a level of satisfaction. A POS is a fundamental level which can also be used as a cash register but since its taking into account a Personal Computer, gives more options to manage the important information about your business. Therefore, when a fast sale is ensure, then more customers could be served in less time that will definitely increase the sale of the Zakriyat Restaurant and Hooka CITATION Sak09 \l 1033 (Sakao & Lindahl, 2009). Better inventory Monitoring Point of sale systems provide better inventory monitoring options as it permits the management of the restaurants to diminish shrinkage, burglary and wastage of inventory. With acmes accessible like worker performance or output reports, inventory items cost investigation and money register reviews, restaurant’s management can guarantee that they have the measure of security expected to run easily. POS system provides the option of tracking through which management can track food related factors such as stock and can likewise ready servers when a prominent menu thing has sold out. Exact stock following will keep food expenses low; a restaurant can buy only the required items and through this approach the abundance of stock or other abundance stock CITATION Mac15 \l 1033 (McCarthy, 2015). Effective use of human resources Integration of a restaurant business operation with POS systems helps to arrange its staff in a better way by considering their performing time in intensive errands, for example, physically performing money register compromise and twofold weighing differences in deals. With the advent of POS software, the less manpower can do more tasks and the other employees of the company can be used to manage other activities like greeting guests which will improve the company’s images in front of the customers and they will better and most of all it will be helpful for marketing of mouth that is consider as the most efficient and cost effective way to attract more customers. Moreover, the time spared can be given to client administration, again supporting the potential for expanded gainfulness and the relaxing state of mind will give more room to the employees to do their task with more concentration and in the response of it, they will become able to do their job in better way CITATION Foc14 \l 1033 (Focuspos, 2014). Reduce Order error risk An upbeat customer is one who is liable to return over and over to the same business. At the point when a restaurant moves to a front of the house and back of the house through POS systems, it will instantly enhance correspondence in the middle of servers and kitchen staff by the mean of better communication that enforce better understanding. On the off chance that you are presently utilizing transcribed tickets, blunders created by terrible penmanship will be totally disposed of as every request is enter specifically into a personal computer. It will considerably reduce the risk of order error that will in return improve the business profit by avoiding any risk associated in order taking and placing process CITATION Lor15 \l 1033 (Mealay, 2015). Cash register Cash registers which are traditionally use are prominently important in the hospitality industry and retail commercial business however their appropriateness is currently seriously restricted that create great challenges in the business operations. The profits recorded above go far in helping a restaurant achieve its maximum capacity. With the help of POS the cash register can be organize digitally with less chances of error that improve the business profit by reducing the risk associated with manual cash registration CITATION Mac15 \l 1033 (McCarthy, 2015). Challenges in the implementation There are no serious challenge that Zakriyat restaunrant and Hooka administration will have to face in the integration of its system with POS, but the only challenge is the cost of investment because the installation of a POS system for normal size of organization is varies from $3000 to $5000 per station, which includes the software, training, printers, scanners, installation charges, with the option of integration according to the requirement of the business CITATION Mac15 \l 1033 (McCarthy, 2015). While the introductory expense of a POS system may appear like excessively for a normal sized restaurant like Zakriyat restaurant and Hooka, but this investment is justified, because if we consider all the concerning factors, it is justified that overall, it helps the business to considerably improve its business operation. It let the management to deal more customers in less time, manage inventory effectively, it improves accountability, it reduce business risk and error and most of all it reduce the need of manpower and relax the management and other staff that enhance their performance. A restaurant POS system also gives a not insignificant rundown of profits that will enhance customer administration and expand every day deals CITATION Mac15 \l 1033 (McCarthy, 2015). Conclusion After analyzing the hindering factors in the business operations of restaurant, it is found that the inefficiency of managing customers is the main reason for the restaurant management that resist them to achieve their goals. In this aspect, after analyzing the problems, and after the evaluation of POS systems, it is concluded that, this system is the best solution to solve the current issues within the Zakriyat restaurant and Hooka. Although the initial cost of POS system is somehow seems expensive but when we compare its prize with the expected output with the installation of the system, then it is seems the best and most suitable option, which will not merely solve the current issues but it will provide a hand of progress to the business through which the business would be able to not merely manage a large number of customer, but the customer experience will also be improve and it is expect that they will get more satisfaction by the restaurant service. Moreover, it will enhance employees’ motivation by relaxing them that will enhance their performance. Overall, the POS system is the selected as a best solution to improve the business operations, customers experience along with high level of staff and customers satisfaction Bibliography BIBLIOGRAPHY (2015). About Us. Retrieved February 23, 2015, from Focuspos. (2014). The Benefits of POS for Restaurant Operations. Retrieved April 2, 2015, from GASCA, P. (2015, FEBRUARY 10). 10 Tools for Smoothing the Startup Process. Retrieved FEBRUARY 23, 2015, from Guinn, J. (2015, January 29). Compare Apparel & Fashion Retail Software. Retrieved Februrary 23, 2015, from Llopis, G. (2014, October 3). 6 Brand Strategies Most CMOs Fail To Execute. Retrieved Februray 23, 2015, from McCarthy, M. (2015). The Benefits of Moving to a Point-of-Sale (POS) System. Retrieved April 2, 2015, from Mealay, L. (2015). Why You Need A POS System. Retrieved April 2, 2015, from Sakao, T., & Lindahl, M. (2009). Introduction to Product/Service-System Design. London: Springer Science & Business Media. Copyright. . Senese, B. P. (2002). Managing Successful High-tech Product Introduction. Norwood,MA: Artech House.

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