Learning centers free choice and open-ended

Assignment Learning centers free choice and open-ended Abc Date Part one Plan for open ended learning center in preschool class room: Open-ended learning center will be established for children of four years and below. Center will facilitates not only children but their parents as well. In today’s dynamic and fast life, parents have less time to properly look after and take of their children. Learning center will provide daylong childcare, recreation and pre classroom learning opportunities. Materials required at learning center: Materials in learning center belong to those items, which are used by both children and teachers for facilitating learning process. For children, color full pencils and markers, card bards, watercolor, stuffed animals, abacus, wooden bowls, pinecones, leaves, nuts and twigs. This material will be helpful for children to learn at preschool centers and develop their motor, cognitive and basic educational skills. Teachers will adopt multimedia, computers and television as resources to facilitate children in learning process. Diagram: Source: http://www.sunshinelearningcenters.com/locations/wiley-canyon-preschool/ Learning centers are very important in extracting the skills in the children that helps in to create the knowledge enhancement s in the children. Learning centers are done in the classrooms in which the children actively participate to explore the skills of children and develop confidence. There are two thing involve in the learning free choice and open-ended. In open-ended skill, based activities are done to enhance the experimentation and exploration of material. CITATION MAR14 \l 1033 (CATHERINE, 2014). In exploring, the plan of open-ended learning center is in the classroom that helps in to increase the skills and proficiency in the children. In developing the center of life science, that includes certain materials for learning of life sciences. The plants and animals must include to intact the knowledge of life sciences. The materials that includes in the learning of life sciences are plants with different flowerpots, animals, wooden bowls and trays, optical mirror, play dough and natural materials that includes mud, pinecones, leaves, nuts and twigs. CITATION Wal04 \l 1033 (Drew & Rankin, 2004)Open ended learning centers and Psychological needs: Open-ended learning centers help to meet six psychological needs of children. Psychological need of children that are basic needs for the growth of the children that enhances the knowledge of the children’s. CITATION Ann11 \l 1033 (Lowe, 2011)Certainty: Safety and comfort are the basic elements of certainty. Open-ended learning centers provide safety and comfort to the children throughout the day. It improve the satisfaction towards the knowledgably work, is done accordingly. The learning center of open-ended helps the children is in comfort and safety protection. With the help of certainty, the children’s helps in to meet continuous work knowledge towards the life sciences. It is very important that materials that are provided to the children are for safe purpose and protect the children from unsafe environment. Variety: Open-ended learning centers provide variety of learning activities with activities interesting materials. Such variety of activities enabled the children to become more emotionally and physically strong. The variety is provided in which the children adopts their own choice of skill development programs. This helps the children to accept their interest to knowledge in the learning centers. Significance: Affection and care is provided at Open-ended learning centers. Such affection, love and care make children feel significance. In exploring the benefits of learning centers towards the open ended the significance must shows the relationship with the teacher and children. This relationship in the children’s helps in to recognize the commitment in the learning. The children’s will get the benefit through the interaction with the teacher and share their knowledge with the teacher. This will increase the skills development in the children. Love and connection: Children are treated with love, warmth, care and affection at Open-ended learning centers. Such level of care from teachers in open-ended learning centers develops love and connection in children. Showing love and connection with the children enhance the softness in the children that creates the development of skills proficiency. The relationship is enhanced through the love and connection in which the children with concentration work with accordingly with their knowledge in the mind. Growth: Emotional, intellectual and physical learning along with love, affection and care make children to grow. Their abilities enhance and they become active member of the society in future. Enhancing the growth in the students through the emotionally and intellectually grants the students with sharing and increase the confidence in the children. Participation in the classroom activities are encouraged with certain sports activities that initialize the spirit and interest of the children. The children get the benefits with its growth of intellectual skills and promote their knowledge. Contribution: Children at Open-ended learning contribute for the society. Training and development at early childhood help them to become responsible member of the society. They grow up and contribute for the betterment of the society. The contribution in the learning centers increase the student’s ability to increase knowledge based skills. When the children participate is in the classroom and other extracurricular activities that ensure and measure the capability of the children in their future anticipation. Importance of basic needs: It is very important for the learning centers to enhance the basic needs in the children to ensure the development process in the children. This will ensures the skills development and actively participate in the classroom increase the confidence and commitment in their skills development programs. In the context of healthy environment relationship with the children, that improves the softness in the children and they feel encouragement towards the work in the physical environment. CITATION Ann11 \l 1033 (Lowe, 2011)Development rationale for materials: The material that includes in the open-ended learning helps children to learn through audio and visual approach. Research has proved that audio and visual approach is more beneficial in learning. Children learn from practically doing the things along with mentoer instructions. Various kind of material will be used in open-ended learning, which range from color full pencils and markers, card bards, watercolor, stuffed animals to televisions, multimedia, radio and computers. Material helps first graders to learn through entertainment. At this stage, it is important to adopt such way of learning which is interesting for the children. Moreover, children learn more quickly. These materials are growing because with the passage of time that improves the science facts. The animals that have certainly birth in the learning centers encourage the students to participate in the skills development programs. CITATION Wal04 \l 1033 (Drew & Rankin, 2004). Thus to sum up all the discussion about the basic need requirement is in the children which help in to generate the skills development in the students. The students actively participate in the programs of the classroom that encourage and motivate the students to actively participate and gain the knowledge. This will increase the knowledge of students and intellectual learning outcomes. CITATION Wal04 \l 1033 (Drew & Rankin, 2004)Description of material Material Stuffed Plants: Stuffed plants of various kinds will be provided tom children in the center. These include but not limited to shrubs and flowers. Use of the material Children play and recall their names and increase their recognition and vocabulary. Learning Children learn the names of the plants bench mark: Such learning method enables children to meet learning standard of differentiating the plants from each other and calling its name. The natural things that show the beauty of the earth increase the skills that how the things are grow in the world. The plants are used as material by the children through the dug the sand and planted. Yes, the children learn many things from such material that how plants are effective in breathe necessity. CITATION Wal04 \l 1033 (Drew & Rankin, 2004)Wooden bowls and trays: Material Stuffed animals: Stuffed plants of various kinds will be provided tom children in the center. These include but not limited to various animals such as lions and leopards. Use of the material Children play and recall their names and increase their recognition and vocabulary. Learning Children learn the names of the animals bench mark: Such learning method enables children to meet learning standard of differentiating the animals from each other and calling its name Material Coloring markers and water colors: Coloring markers and watercolors of various kinds will be provided to children in the center. Use of the material Children will make drawing from these colors Learning Children learn the names of items and things from drawing bench mark: Such learning method enables children to meet learning standard of differentiating the items and things made in the drawings and learning names of the colors. Moreover, children will learn to develop drawing skills in children. Creative and innovation is developed in the mind of the children with different colors. CITATION Wal04 \l 1033 (Drew & Rankin, 2004). Part 2 Game based vs. traditional learning: On contrary to traditional learning methods, Game based learning keeps children motivated to stay in the classroom and learn for longer period CITATION Maj \l 1033 (Pivec, 2004). Game based learning develops “I can do attitude” in children and they are willing to take initiatives. Moreover, game bases learning makes children to learn teamwork, cooperation and mutual respect (Felicia & Patrick, 201; Whitton & Moseley, 2012) Emergent curriculum vs. traditional curriculum Emergent curriculum enables children to explore their interests, passion and enthusiasm towards life. It is a non-traditional style of learning which is more updated to current needs of the world CITATION Eli94 \l 1033 (Jones & Nimmo, 1994). Emergent curriculum empowers children to perform the task with self-responsibility and low level of dependency CITATION Sus08 \l 1033 (Stacey, 2008). Features and benefits of healthy motivation: Healthy motivation attained from several healthy activities such as taking children for educational trips, educational competition as well as recreation. Healthy motivation makes children more energetic, enthusiastic and empowered towards academic and social life CITATION Neb98 \l 1033 (Symposium & Hansen, 1998). Disadvantages of extrinsic reward: Extrinsic reward is considered as disadvantageous for children in certain conditions. Children should not reward in monitory from. Children may develop greed and intention to study for monitory gains. When children are rewarded based on their good academic performance, they may develop the habit to study as means of extrinsic reward CITATION Edw96 \l 1033 (Deci & Flaste, 1996). Benefits of child centered learning: Child centered learning approach is more productive as compare to direct and de-contextualized learning. Child centric approach incorporates interesting and productive way of learning such as learning with toys and television play. Such learning develops many abilities in children such as reading comprehension, increase in IQ level and better understanding and recognition of things CITATION Eri12 \l 1033 (Nelson, 2012). References: BIBLIOGRAPHY \l 1033 CATHERINE, M. (2014). Open-Ended Preschool Centers to Guide Learning. Retrieved March 30, 2015, from http://fun-a-day.com/: http://fun-a-day.com/open-ended-preschool-centers/ Corestandards.org. (2015). Preparing America's students for success. Retrieved March 30, 2015, from corestandards.org: http://www.corestandards.org/ Deci, E. L., & Flaste, R. (1996). Why We Do What We Do: Understanding Self-Motivation. Penguin Books. Drew, W. F., & Rankin, B. (2004, July). Promoting Creativity for Life Using Open-Ended Materials. Retrieved March 30, 2015, from Young Children: http://www.rediscovercenter.org/pdf/promoting_creativity1.pdf Felicia, & Patrick. (2013). Developments in Current Game-Based Learning Design and Deployment. IGI global. Jones, E., & Nimmo, J. (1994). Emergent Curriculum. National Association for the Education of Young Children. Lowe, A. (2011). 6 Human Psychological Needs. Retrieved March 30, 2015, from The Hope Street Centre: http://www.hopestreetcentre.co.uk/therapy-sandbach-cheshire/6-human-psychological-needs Nelson, E. (2012). Cultivating Outdoor Classrooms: Designing and Implementing Child-Centered Learning Environments. Redleaf Press. Pivec, M. (2004). Guidelines for Game-based Learning. Pabst. Stacey, S. (2008). Emergent Curriculum in Early Childhood Settings: From Theory to Practice. Redleaf Press. Symposium, N., & Hansen, D. J. (1998). Nebraska Symposium on Motivation, 1998, Volume 46: Motivation and Child Maltreatment . University of Nebraska Press. Whitton, N., & Moseley, A. (2012). Using Games to Enhance Learning and Teaching: A Beginner's Guide . Routledge.

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