Legal policies of governments of developing counties on the use of social media

Assignment on Legal policies of governments of developing counties on the use of social media By ABC Date Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Introduction: PAGEREF _Toc417115720 \h 3Use of Social Media in Developing Countries: PAGEREF _Toc417115721 \h 4Social media policies PAGEREF _Toc417115722 \h 5Guiding Principles: PAGEREF _Toc417115723 \h 6Scope: PAGEREF _Toc417115724 \h 6YouTube PAGEREF _Toc417115725 \h 7Pakistan: PAGEREF _Toc417115726 \h 7Government vs Social Media: PAGEREF _Toc417115727 \h 8Saudi Arabia: PAGEREF _Toc417115728 \h 8Saudi Arabia War on Twitter: PAGEREF _Toc417115729 \h 9Political Impact of Social media in Arab Gulf: PAGEREF _Toc417115730 \h 9Social Media in India; PAGEREF _Toc417115731 \h 9Social Networking Laws In India PAGEREF _Toc417115732 \h 10Internet censorship in India: PAGEREF _Toc417115733 \h 10Instances of the Censorship: PAGEREF _Toc417115734 \h 11Dawn website: PAGEREF _Toc417115735 \h 11Yahoo Groups: PAGEREF _Toc417115736 \h 11Social Media in Bangladesh: PAGEREF _Toc417115737 \h 11Governmental rules to Right to information, freedom of speech where? PAGEREF _Toc417115738 \h 11Social media for social good in Bangladesh PAGEREF _Toc417115739 \h 12Social media in Egypt PAGEREF _Toc417115740 \h 12Twitter Revolution in Egypt PAGEREF _Toc417115741 \h 13Twitter, Face book and YouTube’s role in Egypt PAGEREF _Toc417115742 \h 13Internet Censorship in Syria: PAGEREF _Toc417115743 \h 13Social Media Becoming Online Battlefield in Syria PAGEREF _Toc417115744 \h 14YouTube Gives First Hand at the violence of Syria: PAGEREF _Toc417115745 \h 15Social media’s role in the Syrian civil war: PAGEREF _Toc417115746 \h 15Department Social Media Policy PAGEREF _Toc417115747 \h 16Conclusion: PAGEREF _Toc417115748 \h 16References: PAGEREF _Toc417115749 \h 18 Legal policies of governments of developing counties on the use of social media Introduction: Different countries have differed legal policies for the use of the social media. Some of the countries have banned on the use of social media. A government trying to find some of the hard ways that social media is a double Sword edge. On the one side of the sword is social networking such as twitter or face book which provide direct access to the public. But unchecked the web tools can be more harmful then the good. The use of the social media in case of any emergency raises the privacy concerns which are not present with the method of broadcast of sending the warning or alerts. The official monitoring of the social media can bitterly understand or detect unfolding events is of the potential value to the emergency managers who may raise some of the privacy concerns. Nature of the network of the social media provides substantial information about single individual. For example individuals who use twitter, individuals can deduce where they live and where their children attend the school. Social media allows people for to share or create the exchange ideas, information, videos or pictures in networks or the virtual communities. Social media is defined on the group of the internet based applications for to build technological or ideological foundation. Beside this social media based on the web based technology and on mobiles for to create a highly interactive or large platform through which individuals can discuss, co create, and communicate shares for to modify the users generated content. Social media play important role to bring close to the people of the different region. Some of the social media sites have great variety which are very helpful for to attract more people. A user reshares contests posted to their social networks. Many of the social websites provide specific functionality for to help users for to reshare contents, for example pinterest pin or the twitters retweet the buttons and tumblr reblog the function. Use of Social Media in Developing Countries:In most of the countries facebook and twitter become the biggest social networks. Like in China the rest of the world has Sina, Qzone, Weibo and RenRen are the most usable sites in this country. Twitter, face book and some of the other foreign social media are banned by the government of china. 1people o0f the developing countries have more or easy access to the internet than the developed areas of the world. CITATION Mar15 \l 1033 (Brossman, 2015) According to the pew research and center report that the people of the developing countries when do get on the web then they prefer to use or join the social networking site. The majority of the internet users are in Brazil, Mexico, Egypt, Russia, and India use social media. When the people of these countries become online then they generally involved in the social networks at the high rate. Developed countries of Germany or Japan where only about half of the users of the internet are on the social networks. The growth of the social networking sites in the developing countries decreases in the lines with the direction of the companies like in face book there are the great opportunities for growth. About 87 percent of the world’s population has their own cell phones and about 26 percent uses net on their phones, this thing led away the growth of the social media. There are about ton of the states that uses smart phones or the social media, people post about the political issues, sports and about community issues. CITATION Don12 \l 1033 (Tam, 2012) The users of the smart phones in Asia, Middle East and in Latin America are less likely to use their phones for to collect information, except for those in India, china, and Egypt. About 60 percent of the users rely on their phones for to get information about jobs or many other things. 48 percent of Chinese and sixty five percent of the Egyptians people use their mobiles for to get information about the different fields like politics, economical or the social issues. Social media policiesThere is the number of the guidelines or the number of the policies for the media companies, corporations and for the nonprofit. Social media use as the department and also provide the guidelines for the employees of the department and the external contractors on the professional or the personal use of the media. All employees are responsible for to understand and know the policies. The purpose of this policy is to motivate the agencies for to make the greater use of the empower public sector staff or the social media, these tools are helpful for to improve the services of the delivery. Guiding Principles:In using social media accompanies or the agencies have to apply the following principles like collaborative, open, responsive, appropriate and reliable. CITATION Apa13 \l 1033 (Apache, 2013)Open They have to use social media for to promote the access or to share the services or the information and be accountable and transparent. Collaborative Create opportunities for to engage or listen the staff, industry in a community, local communities, policy design, capacity building and services delivery or the implementation. Responsiveness Empower the staff of the public sector for to the use of the social media and respond quickly to the emerging issues or the customers. Reliable Quality experience and support a consistent Appropriate Use the social media in a manner able way with the public sectors., legal requirements, values, related policies and code of the conduct. Scope: Policy applies for the consultants, officers, contractors and the outsourced service providers who perform the work for the NSW government. Corporations which are owned by the states are encouraged by the use of the social media in a proper manner which is consistent with the policies of the social media. It is also acceptable that implementation of the social media across the agencies vary according to the business needs and service delivery priorities. YouTubeYou tube blocked due to the different reasons in the different countries. Like due to the violation of the national laws including the national security legislation, violation of hate speech, morality and ethics based on laws. It is also banned due to the violation of the intellectual property and the copyright protection laws. In some of the countries YouTube is completely blocked either for the more limited period of the time or for the long term standing ban such as during the period of unrest or in the response to the political anniversaries. In September 2012 most of the countries standing national ban on YouTube including most of the countries like Pakistan, china, Iran, Germany and many of the other countries. Pakistan:In February in 2008 YouTube blocked in Pakistan, following the decision of the telecommunication authority due to the large number of non Islamic objections. In December 20113 telecommunication authorities announced that t they are convinced for to offer the Google management a local which was the version of Pakistan, then it become easy for the local authorities for too remove the objectionable material from this local version as compared to the global version of the YouTube. In April 2014 the senate standing committee of the Pakistan on the human rights approved the resolution for to lift the ban on the YouTube. In may 2014 national assembly of the Pakistan adopted a non binding resolution for to lift he ban but in 2014 it was still on affect. Government vs Social Media:Pakistan is rapidly drifting towards the destruction due to the poor governance and increase in the rate of corruption. Since independent, mismanagement or corruption becomes common norm. now social media has to work hard for to sweep the dust. And government of Pakistan considers it defeat and humiliation. Government has no morally upright resources and ability to take cognizance of it. Now the government of the Pakistan and the other political leaders are trying for the freedom of the social media. The biggest achievement of the ministry of the broadcasting or the information is the principle arm of the federal government, whose function is not only promote and project the positives and the strength of the government. With this ministry also introduce the policy of self regulation for the private media in Pakistan. CITATION moz10 \l 1033 (mozubhatti, 2010)Saudi Arabia: The social media environment in the Saudi Arabia remain the most important perspective in 2010 in the Arab world. In 1992 basic law of this country does not provide the freedom and some of the specific provisions of the law which allow the authorities for to exercise the power of the board to prevent the act which may lead to the sedition or the disunity. Saudi government known the directory sensor both the international or the local media, shutting down the news paper on the permanent or the temporary basis and confiscating the print runs. Due to the restricted environment on broadcast and the social media has important rise in the number of the Saudi blogs in the recent years. Government authorities continue to block some of the pages and websites on twitter that comments on the religious, political and social issues. The government of this country also blocked the websites Elaph after published the US diplomatic cables obtained by the Wiki Leaks. Saudi Arabia War on Twitter: The usage of the twitter in the Saudi Arabia is highest in any other country across the global relative to the online population. Global web index found that 41 percent of users are active on twitter. President of this country is trying to mobilize the social media citizens for to reform that they generally failed to translate into large action. Saudi minister of information or culture monitors the online media or twitter. Twitter sphere is nearly impossible to regulate by the governments own account. Abdel Aziz Khoja and the ministry chief stated the explicitly in February that the ministry cannot monitor everything which is published on the twitter. Kingdom focuses for to monitor the users of the twitter in the position of the influence. CITATION Lor13 \l 1033 (Boghardt, 2013)Political Impact of Social media in Arab Gulf: Political impact of the social media must be understood in form of the resources within the broader system. Recent wave that up rises the inflamed in the Arab world since in 2010 developed and revealed the growth in the in the grass roots for the political awareness and for to emerge new political inclusive system. New social media has been transformed emerging Arab generation in three fundamental ways. Like enhancing popular expectations, pluralizing opinions or the ideas, and developing a collective Arab political space. CITATION OLI15 \l 1033 (DAVIES, 2015)Social Media in India;Indians are very active on the use of social media or other social websites; about 88% users share their social profiles and also spend lot of time on the social networking Face book is the famous website with the large base of 100 million users; it is not fading away anytime in India. Most of the people use face book on their mobile phones. About 805 of the users get access ion the face book through their mobiles. About 33 millions of Indians uses twitter from which about 765 get access on the twitter through their mobile phones. 26 million Indians use this site, of the total 300 plus users who use this website. It is more dominated by men as compare to the women, with the ratio of 75/25. About 1/4th of the women population that are on Instagram, mean that it is more appreciable in men then the women. CITATION Kar12 \l 1033 (Arora, 2012)Social Networking Laws In IndiaSocial networking in India has been increasing with tremendous rate. These things give rise to some of the legal issues. And most of the issues relate to the online omission and the online acts that are the result of giving rise to the criminal or the civil liabilities. Social networking media is an intermediary within the meaning of the Indian information technology. Thus social networking sites in India are liable for different omissions and the acts they are punishable under Indian laws. Internet censorship in India:Internet censorship in India is practiced by either the state or the federal government. There is no permanent government policy or the strategy to block the access to the content of internet on the large scale, different measures for to remove some of the common contents in the recent year. However the websites blocked by the internet service provider or the government can often be accessed by the proxy servers. OpenNet initiative classified India fort to engage in some of the selective internet flittering in the social, political and internet tool areas in 2011. Instances of the Censorship:Dawn website:After the war of Kargil in 1999, Pakistani website of the daily newspaper Dawn BLOCKED IN India by the Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited, a telecommunication company which is owned by the government at the time had monopoly for to control internet gateways in India. Yahoo Groups:In 2003 Kynhun, yahoo group linked ro the national liberation council, which discussed the case of the Kasi tribe ,which was banned. Telecommunication department of the India asked ISPs for to block the group, but some of the problems led on the yahoo group being banned for two weeks. Social Media in Bangladesh:Media environment in Bangladesh relatively open in 2012, despite some of the signs which create problem of intolerance by the government and also an increase in the physical harassment against press. The constitutions provide freedom of the expression with some of the reasonable restrictions. The press can be enforced by the by the legislation of the national security as well as criminal or the sedition libel laws. There is three years life in prison against the sedition. The ministry of the broadcast or the information licensing and some of the other licenses issues both for the community and the commercial outlets. Some of the television stations have been closed ostensibly for being in breach of the regulations for broadcast. Governmental rules to Right to information, freedom of speech where?For the republication of some types of the information is not mandatory by the government of Bangladesh. Discloser of the information which can be a threat to the integrity, security and the sovereignty of the Bangladesh. Any information which is related to the foreign policy ,or the disclosure which can become cause of the harming existing relationships with other foreign states or some of the regional or the international institutions organization or bloc. Information which is received which is received by the foreign government with the full confidence. Information related to the business or the commercial confidence, intellectual property right or the copyright and disclosure which can be harmful to the intellectual property right of any third party. CITATION Moi10 \l 1033 (Chowdhury, 2010)Social media for social good in BangladeshBangladesh is focusing on the possibility for to bring change by the connectivity or the use of the mobile and mobile communication. Bangladesh government develops social media for the development of the youngsters. Social media play important role for the development of the developing countries. The trend of the use of the social media has been increasing in all the developing countries. Social media bring close to different people or the governments of different countries. Beside this it is big source for to provide the information. The use of the social media in all the developing countries has been rapidly increased. Social media in EgyptSocial media play important role for the establishment or for the political upheaval. Face book play important role in the Arab spring, for example with the people organize the protests on the pages of the face book of Egyptian activist Gonium. Some of the protesters use twitter for to provide the live updates, or to organize the protest logistics from the ground and calling for backup and supporter Martens says that the face book revolution can be an exaggeration. He also says that that the social media help for to compress the time frame of the uprising. In Egypt face book accelerate the protesters. The majority of the activities of the social media interviewed believed that it can be take few More years overthrow the Mubarak government. CITATION Son13 \l 1033 (Diehn, 2013)Twitter Revolution in EgyptThe oppositional movement against the ruling of the Mubarak was An active platform for the social media. In Egypt twitter used for to communicate with the audience or the people of the different countries. Worldwide audience able for to update the situations of Egypt. This revolution also gets success for the registration of the Mubarak in 11 February. revolution of the twitter or the face book more like an accelerant and a spark for to catalyzing prodemocracy movements. Twitter, Face book and YouTube’s role in EgyptFinally democracy has come in the different parts of the3 Northern Africa and in the area of mid East. Egypt in the mid East relied that the social media, internet, and different technologies like face book, twitter, and you tub are in the early stage for to accelerate some of the protests. Allegations that CIA blindsided about the uprising of the Egypt by e failing to following of the some of the developments in the twitter. There are the less evidences which show the strong role of the social media in some of the places like Libya or Yemen. Internet Censorship in Syria:In Syria many of the websites were banned due to some of the political reasons and arrest people who accessing them. Blocking and filtering was found to be pervasive in the internet tool areas. Politics, and selective in the social and some of the security and conflict area in August 2009. Since in 2006 Syria has been on the reports without borders of the internet list. In 2009 the committee protects the journalists and Syria was on the number three on the list from their ten worst countries in which harassments, restrictions to their online writers in Syria has been faced. In the political campaigns of the Syria government disabled the mobile phones electricity, landlines and the internet. Authorities extracted the passwords on the routine basis on the sites of the social media from the journalists through the tourer and beating. The Syrian electronic army which is the pro government online group has frequently jacked some of the websites for to post pro regime material, and Syrian government has implicated some of the malware attack targeted at the reporting on the crisis. Social Media Becoming Online Battlefield in SyriaSocial media helping the spread the Arab Spring ,like some of the activists shares or convey their messages of organized protests or the discontents by using twitter or face book. Arab spring began in Tunisia after more than the year, it has become the megaphone with the result of the struggle from the both sides in conflict ridden in Syria. Face book, twitter and the you tube are replete the propaganda with Syria, government of this country rebels and forces have been using the social websites for the attention or the support of the outside of the world. Syrian government has a division and Syrian electronic army which is assigned to some of the tasks. You tube is the important example of the war of the information being waged alongside the real world battle for Syria. Videos are especially manipulated by the one or the more f the sides. Either that the video uploaded by the same event but framed completely differently. Government might claim for to explosion is the result of the some of the terrorist activities, it was the righteous of the freedom fighters of the Syria. CITATION Ale12 \l 1033 (Fitzpatrick, 2012)YouTube Gives First Hand at the violence of Syria:Free Syrian army and the government of this country both take some of the specific pieces of the videos and completely interpret these pieces of the videos in different ways. Some of the journalists of Syria able to for to claim, that some of the online rumors have been flying loose and fast, a false twitter account represents the minister of Russia who reported the death of the Syrian president, leading to real turbulence globally on the oils markets. Some of the hackers also involved in the gotten conflicts of the Syria. On the weakened several Reuters blogs and hackers posted propaganda of the pro government which was discussed as the legitimate new contents. Social media’s role in the Syrian civil war:Social media websites such as face book you tubes used for to help the brigades and for to create the brand for themselves. Some of the videos that the insurgent commanding officers and their troops proclaiming control over their neighborhood. Creation of the brand allows these brigades for to raise the funds on different social websites like face book or twitter or YouTube. Twitter is used as the platform of the breaking news for to tell their fighters about the place where fight is happening. In this way this tweet warns the violent clashes that occurs in the Aleppo. It also serves for to show the weapons that the opposition forces have been used, such as the video of the insurgents with large gun on the back of the truck. Some of the tweets of the Syria link to any fighting or mission that they have involved in some of the attacks against the Footage and Shabiha of the snipers firing at the soldiers of the government. For this purpose Syria also used you tube for to upload or to promote some e of the facts related to the leaders of the Syrian insurgent, which is not killed despite the posting of the pro government outlets. In this war social media play important role for to provide the live updating or information related to the war. CITATION Zei13 \l 1033 (Karam, 2013) Department Social Media Policy  The policy for the social media is developed for to provide the guideline about the use of the social media the Victorian public sector which is released by the public sector standards commissioners. The main purpose of this policy is to establish the culture of the trust, openness and integrity in the online activities. The objective of this policy is compatible with the charter of the human rights or the responsibilities of the act of 2006 and the public sector standards commissioners for the guideline for the social media in the Victorian sector. The department of the social media considered the leader among the federal agencies in the engagement through social media and digital innovation. Benefits of the social media department from the strong enterprise brands embodied by the energy. CITATION DEB13 \l 1033 (SWEENEY, 2013)Conclusion:The conclusion is that the social media play important role in the developing countries. There are some of the issues of the social media in developing countries. But with the aspect of the benefits of the face book, twitter, and many of the other websites governments of that countries are taking different steps for the freedom of the social media. That is the reason that the use of social media in these countries has been increase. Even political particles of those countries are using these sites for the daily updating of the political, social or the economical news. The use of the social media in all the developing countries rapidly increases. Because now people use these sites for to share videos, pictures and also communicate with each other by these sites. It is also a good way for to bring close people of the different countries. With this it is a big way for to get the information about the every field of life. In some of the countries protestors use different sites for to protest, they update the live information of the protests. It means it helps the government or the political parties in different ways. That is the reason; the governments of all those countries are trying for the freedom or the open use of the social media. With the latest technology the use of the social sites has been increasing. Social media is leaving their impact in the every field of the life. Social media is a key for the marketing of the products. Young people can easily convey their messages. It provide awareness to the people about everything people get easily information about different things. In some of the countries where social media is restricted or banned governments are trying for the freedom of social websites. In most of the developing countries you tube, face book or many of the sites were banned, due to which people has to face many problems, like it was not possible for the people to get live information. That is the reason governments of developing countries start efforts for the freedom of media. In the development of the developing countries social media play their important role. Most of the political parties or the government uses it for their political campaigns, or for their protests. People update the live information about their related fields. CITATION MAR14 \l 1033 (MARC A. SMITH, 2014)That is the reason that the use of the social media has been increasing rapidly. Now about 5 to 6 year old child use the face book or twitter for to chat with family or friends. It is the easiest or simplest for the connectivity with the people around the world. Social media rapidly becoming the new force in the organization in the developing country. Because help them for to reach or understand the consumers or the liking or the disliking of the consumers. In the coming years social media will rapidly expand. Two third of the surveys of the different companies show that the awareness or the power of the social media has been rapidly increasing. Some of the organizations that already has budget for the social media they are expecting to increase 30 percent in the coming 12 months. With this social media is providing the opportunities in the developing countries, it also help for to shift in thinking about the measures or the thinking bout marketing. Now companies are becoming most effective in the field of the social media, but now not only the companies are experimenting with some of the multinational channels, with this also creating some of the metrics for to measure the impacts of the social media and for to understand how to enter in the new conversation with customers or the other people of the organization. In the future the effective use of the social media will led to the organizations for to enter in the new relations with customers, employees or the other partners of the business. References: BIBLIOGRAPHY \l 1033 Apache. (2013, may). Social Media Policy. Retrieved april 17, 2015, from Arora, K. (2012). Social Media in India. Retrieved april 17, 2015, from Boghardt, L. P. (2013, december 9). Saudi Arabia's War on Twitter. Retrieved april 17, 2015, from Brossman, M. (2015, february 15). Social Media in Developing Countries. Retrieved april 16, 2015, from Chowdhury, M. Z. (2010). “Social media and freedom of speech”. Retrieved april 17, 2015, from DAVIES, O. (2015, january 12). political impact of the Social media on the Arab Gulf. Retrieved april 17, 2015, from Diehn, S. A. (2013, april 7). Social media use evolving in Egypt. Retrieved april 17, 2015, from Fitzpatrick, A. (2012, august 9). Social Media Becoming Online Battlefield in Syria. Retrieved april 17, 2015, from Karam, Z. (2013, october 19). Social media’s role in the Syrian civil war. Retrieved april 18, 2015, from MARC A. SMITH, L. R. (2014, february 20). conclusion. Retrieved april 18, 2015, from mozubhatti. (2010, april 29). Role of Media in Pakistan. Retrieved april 17, 2015, from SWEENEY, D. (2013, april 4). What Should Your Social Media Department Be Doing, Anyway? Retrieved april 18, 2015, from Tam, D. (2012, december 12). Developing nations adopting social media quickly. Retrieved april 16, 2015, from

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