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The Vietnam War and Human conscience (Breaking the Silence of Night)

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The Vietnam War and Human conscience (Breaking the Silence of Night)

In this part of the speech, Breaking the Silence of the Night, Dr Martin Luther King Jr. persuades his comrades and fellow members of clergy to break their silence on Vietnam War, which he considers an unjust war. Through compelling arguments, he establishes the illegitimacy of the war. He is of the view that war is not only destroying Vietnam but also destroying the collective American conscience.  He further states that this war serves no purpose, it has no value and it protects the vested interest of few.

I have chosen this particular part, as it the most difficult part of the speech. It requires Martin Luther King Jr. to be compulsive/persuasive, logical, balanced and effective. It is the part of speech where he can gain the attention of his audience. If he fails now, he will not be effective and will not be able to realize his objective. In addition, this part of the speech portrays the spirit of the speech. Therefore, it can be considered the foundation of the very speech and for that, particular reason the sound and unflawed premise is my focus.

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