Parable of The Green Lawn

The Campus Food Court    

In food courts mostly customers give most importance to  food taste and their services. For running, a proper or successful business of food court different attributes matters a lot. It is that all the staff members are in proper dressing or neat and clean. Cleanliness matters a lot in food place. For attracting, the customers’ environment of food courts also matters a lot. If customers feel satisfy in the environment or with the taste or the services of food court then it will create positive impact on the profitability of the food court.

 If for running a successful to food court different attributes matters a lot. Because when customers enters in any restaurant or any other food court they note each and every thing like dressing of staff, cleanliness of all staff members or the sitting or working place. Quick services play important role for to attract customers, because if food taste is very good but other services are very slow then customers do not like to come again in that place.

It is necessary that the menu of food courts is in easy words so that customers feel no difficulty in reading. Employees have to properly answer the questions of customers. Employees have to do extra efforts for to handle the some of the special requests. It also matters a lot that the personals are experienced or not.

 All things important but the main or important thing that the customers focused is the taste of food, environment of that place or the services of employees. Thee all things account on the first scale. For to attract more customers management of the food courts has to mainly focus on the services, food taste, menu, and the environment of that place. They have to provide such kind of the environment that the customers feel satisfy. If customers are satisfied with the taste or environment or the services the its good or beneficial for food court.

Parable of The Green Lawn

 Within the content of the continual struggles to create a “World class” lawn or “world class” business draw analogies between the events when TQ is implemented.  

When Mr. Steady and Mr. Furious start to make an excellent lawn, Mr. steady pay more attention on their lawn. He works all the work in a proper manner, he buys grass seeds for to bow in lawn he invest heavy amount because he knows that quality improves by the money. So for wining from Mr. Furious he does not care money, he uses quality products like seeds. He also invites the sprinkler for to spread the seeds because they know better. On the other hand, Mr. Furious start to work on their lawn varies late. He also says to children for giving water to plans. He does not want to spend money. Due to his, careless Mr. Steady wins. This thing shows that for to get quality we have to require more struggles or the money. In the same case, quality also matters a lot in the business. For the success of the business, we also need more money or more struggle. If we show laziness then it’s not possible in anything to get required target.

Specifically translate the problems described here in the business language? What are the implementation barrier in achieving TQ?      

In this case it tells that how ca new achieve the quality in a business or ant other things. For attain quality there are the different things that create problem for a businessperson.  For starting, a businessperson has to contact with some of the experience person in that field or get some of their guidelines. Like Mr. Steady who invests heavy amount on the grass seeds and invite the Gardner for to get help. He work hard or also spent money only to get quality. In the same way if we give proper time or attention to the business then it become easy for to get target or to increase the profit. For starting business, we required money in large amount. We also hire experienced employees. With this, we do not have to leave today work on tomorrow. Otherwise, it’s not possible for us to attain the quality of the business or to increase the profit. For to attain quality we need money so that we can do everything properly and can hire some of experienced employees for to get guideline. If we do not have enough money, then it is not possible to achieve the TQ.

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