Self-Assessment and Conflict Management

Assignment on Self-Assessment and Conflict Management By ABC Date: Part 2: Disney Case In the case of the Disney, the former CEO Eisner leadership was the authoritarian. He seems to be a losing temper leader. Moreover, he was not eager to resolve the problems. From the analysis of the case, it is observed that Eisner was not clear about his job or the vision. The behavior and style of the CEO was rough with others. He lacks the conflict management skills therefore, as time passes the relationships of the company getting worse with the other companies. The act of a person suffers the whole organization. It seems that he had the avoiding behavior. Therefore, he avoids the conflicts to resolve. The strength in the behavior of Eisner is competing as compare to accommodating. This is the main reason of raising the conflicts within the organization and outside the organization with other CEOs and companies. The behavior of the CEO makes the business of the Disney decreasing in the market. Moreover, the employees and board of directors are not cooperating with Eisner just because of his behavior. May be he was facing the intrapersonal conflict. On the other hand, the behavior of Iger was very praising. He made much decision that is good for the health of the business. His leadership’s style was accommodating and collaborating. The strong style seems collaborating and compromising. The reason is that Iger was repairing the relationships with others. Paying them money to make them happy and for the compensation. Now this looks that Walt Disney is losing. In actual, Disney is making the long-term relationships so that it can take advantages from them. Answers: 1-There was the conflict between Michael Eisner and the two board members (Disney and Gold), Steve Jobs and the Weinstein brothers. The reason for this conflict may be the personality disorder of the Eisner. His behavior, negative comments and policies raise these conflicts between the parties. There may number of causes for this behavior. These causes can be communication problems, personality differences and Task Interdependence. Most probably, the incompatible goals of the Eisner made these conflicts. The personality and behavior of the Eisner was the reason for the conflicts. According to my point view, the main causes of the conflicts are the task interdependence and communication problems. The reason is that Disney does not have limited recourses it is the one of the largest conglomerate company of America. The communication between the employees and others made the situation bad. The conflict of the boards of director is due to polices and behavior of Eisner because the same team was managing and cooperative with the new CEO. Eisner did not go for the cooperation he wanted to do each task by himself without any suggestion from others. This is the reason the board of directors ask for the resignation of Eisner. 2-The conflict management style of Eisner was avoiding and competition. Therefore, he did not try to resolve the issue or conflict arise against his personality, leadership and polices. The negative comments against the Steve Jobs show that Eisner was in competition and want to win at any cost. Therefore, these two styles of conflict management seem good for the Eisner. However, the conflict management style of the Iger is collaborative more and then compromising. These are strong area of the Iger. The reason is that he tries to repair the relationship with others. He accommodates them and find the win-win situation for the both parties. The Jack Welch was the CEO of General Electric has also the collaborative style of conflict management CITATION Ken12 \l 1033 (Thomas, 2012). The reason is that he made many things like 360-degree appraisal, town meetings and other programs at the company to take the information about the conflicts and resolve it. He also gives the culture of superficial Congeniality in which people do not tell truth to others for avoiding the conflicts. The same style also posses by the Andy Grove at Intel CITATION Ken12 \l 1033 (Thomas, 2012). On the other hand, making alliances, acquisition and repairing policy of Iger help the Disney to retain his position during recession. Moreover, the conflict styles or leadership styles may change according to the situation. Successful leader is that who observe the situation and then act accordingly. The problem with Eisner was that he posses and keeps the same style everywhere that raises conflicts. 3-The conflict management style of me is collaborative. The reason is that it always avoids from big problems conflicts. Moreover, I like to help others and accommodate them. This gives me happiness. According to the score I also posses strongly the collaborative style. However, according to the situation and nature of the problem I have to deal with best approaches. The main purpose is to resolve the issue. Therefore, any kind of style will be useful if utilize properly at the right time. The results show that I have strong in collaboration. These results are the demonstration of my personality. I feel them accurate according to the nature and behavior of my personality. This style is comfortable for me. The reason is that it vastly resolve the problems, have opportunities to help others and according to my nature. Mostly my personality is introverts. Therefore, I avoid conflicts but not avoiding from the conflict resolution. If there will any conflict arises I was there to resolve the problem. All types of people are easy to handle. Most of time, competing and avoiding behavior of conflict creates problems and those are difficulty to handle during conflict management. Most problematic for me are conflict avoiders. The person with flight away approach in conflict is also hard to handle. 4-There are many conflicts arise between different parties every day. Sometimes the conflicts are suddenly arises that other party does not understand the causes of the conflict. In some situations, the other party even does not know that his or her behavior creates any problem. The same thing happens with me at the work place during the work in a team on the survey project. An issue creates between a team member and team leader. The team leader assigns a person to make list of the possible issues during the results and the other one has to review it. This is not a big problem. The first one creates the issues of the discrimination because he thought that this is the team therefore, everyone has to assign the same and equal tasks. He was good analyst but not a good writer. The other has strong grip on the writing. The first one said that the second has easy task while he has difficulty one. He does not understand or review his strengths. Due to this issue, the team divides into two groups. The time was short and running out. The style of leader was avoiding and competing. He just uses force to solve the issue. One party that creates issue do not understand and just fighting on to take the easiest task. The approach of the team leader was ineffective because there is no solution for this. The best solution for this problem is the task rotation, the performance evaluation based on the work, and percentage of the work a single person does on the project. This will make the conflicting party satisfy. 5-This is not a hard and fast rule that there is use of a single style at a time. This depends on the nature and situation of the conflict. Every style has its advantages and disadvantages. Normally, every person uses every style according to conflict he is facing. The importance of relationship with other parties, business meetings, social or personal life affects the conflict management style of a person. These are discussing in the table below. Conflict-Handling Style Most Appropriate Least Appropriate Accommodation Best to use when the relationship is very important Social networks and personal life When others are needy Probably should avoid using when the loss is unbearable The person is not important for the business or life There is no effect on the business not sure of the positive results Avoidance When the situation is worse The other party is trying to hurt you There is chance of business loss When one is the cause for the conflict When there is threat of losing of personal relationships Others ask for help in conflict resolution Collaborative When building the fruitful relationships Business dealings with big entities Surveying as the employee or agent To solve the conflict the other is on the wrong side the conflicting party is used to create issues Strikes by the Labor unions in factory Outcomes are not in favor Compromise When the deal is important The conflicting party is in direct relation with you For the resolution of the both parties When the parties mutually agreed on the solution When the other party is on competition Having no benefit the conflict is negative Competing In open market competition Being a student Want to achieve goals In joint ventures Business alliance Working in groups/teams Political conflicts Reference BIBLIOGRAPHY \l 1033 Thomas, K. W. (2012). Making Conflict Management a Strategic Advantage. Retrieved April 9, 2015, from Appendix Part 1: Self-Assessment Scale 1. __0_ a. I am most comfortable letting others take responsibility for solving a problem. ____5_ b. Rather than negotiate differences, I stress those points for which agreement is obvious. __3___ a. I pride myself on finding compromise solutions. _2____ b. I examine all the issues involved in any disagreement. ___1__ a. I usually persist in pursuing my side of an issue. __4___ b. I prefer to soothe others’ feelings and preserve relationships. ___2__ a. I pride myself in finding compromise solutions. ____3_ b. I usually sacrifice my wishes for the wishes of a peer. ___4__ a. I consistently seek a peer’s help in finding solutions. ___1__ b. I do whatever is necessary to avoid tension. ___1__ a. As a rule, I avoid dealing with conflict. ___4__ b. I defend my position and push my view. ___4__ a. I postpone dealing with conflict until I have had some time to think it over. ___1__ b.I am willing to give up some points if others give up some too. ___2__ a. I use my influence to have my views accepted. 3 ____3_ b. I attempt to get all concerns and issues immediately out in the open. __0___ a. I feel that most differences are not worth worrying about. ___5__ b. I make a strong effort to get my way on issues I care about. ___2__ a. Occasionally I use my authority or technical knowledge to get my way. ____3_ b. I prefer comprise solutions to problems. ___5__ a. I believe that a team can reach a better solution than any one person working independently. ____0_ b.I often defer to the wishes of others. __5___ a. I usually avoid taking positions that would create controversy. __0___ b. I’m willing to give a little if a peer will give a little, too. __5___ a. I generally propose the middle ground as a solution. 0 ___0__ b. I consistently press to “sell” my viewpoint. __3___ a. I prefer to hear everyone’s side of an issue before making judgments. ___2__ b. I demonstrate the logic and benefits of my position. ___3__ a. I would rather give in than argue about trivialities. ___2__ b. I avoid being “put on the spot.” ___2__ a. I refuse to hurt a peer’s feelings. ___3__ b. I will defend my rights as a team member. ___3__ a. I am usually firm in pursuing my point of view. ____2_ b. I’ll walk away from disagreements before someone gets hurt. __5___ a. If it makes peers happy, I will agree with them. ___0__ b. I believe that give-and-take is the best way to resolve any disagreements. ___5__ a. I prefer to have everyone involved in a conflict generate alternatives together. __0___ b. When the team is discussing a serious problem, I usually keep quiet. ___2__ a. I would rather openly resolve conflict than conceal differences. ____3_ b. I seek ways to balance gains and losses for equitable solutions. __4___ a. I seek solutions that meet some of everyone’s needs. 1 ___1__ b. I prefer a direct and objective discussion of my disagreement. __4___ a. I seek solutions that meet some of everyone’s needs. ___1__ b. I will argue as long as necessary to get my position heard. __5___ a. I like to assess the problem and identify a mutually agreeable solution. ___0__ b.When people challenge my position, I simply ignore them. 24. __3___ a.If peers feel strongly about a position, I defer to it even if I don’t agree. ___2_ b.I am willing to settle for a compromise solution. 25. __3___ a. I am very persuasive when I have to be to win in a conflict situation. __2__ b.I believe in saying, “Kill your enemies with kindness.” ___2__ a. I will bargain with peers in an effort to manage disagreement. __3___ b. I listen attentively before expressing my views. __4___ a. I avoid taking controversial positions. ___1__ b. I’m willing to give up my position for the benefit of the group. ___2__ a. I enjoy competitive situations and “play” hard to win ___3__ b. Whenever possible, I seek out knowledgeable peers to help resolve disagreements. __4___ a. I will surrender some of my demands, but I have to get something in return. ___1__ b. I don’t like to air differences and usually keep my concerns to myself. ___2__ a. I generally avoid hurting a peer’s feelings. ____3_ b. When a peer and I disagree, I prefer to bring the issue out into the open so we can discuss it Scoring You can easily score yourself on this scale. To do so, record your responses (# of points) in the space next to each statement number and then sum the points in each column Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5 Item # Pts. You Item # Pts. You Item # Pts. You Item # Pts. You Item # Pts. You & option Assigned & option Assigned & option Assigned & option Assigned & option Assigned 3 (a) 1 2 (a) 3 1 (a) 0 1 (b) 5 2(b) 2 6 (b) 4 4 (a) 2 5 (b) 1 3 (b) 4 5(a) 4 8 (a) 2 7 (b) 1 6 (a) 1 4 (b) 3 8 (b) 3 9 (b) 5 10 (b) 3 7 (a) 4 11 (b) 0 11 (a) 5 10 (a) 2 12 (b) 0 9 (a) 0 15 (a) 3 14 (a) 3 13 (b) 0 13 (a) 5 12 (a) 5 16 (a) 2 19 (a) 5 14 (b) 2 18 (b) 0 15 (b) 2 18 (a) 5 20 (a) 2 16 (b) 3 20 (b) 3 17 (b) 2 21 (a) 4 21 (b) 1 17 (a) 3 22 (a) 4 19 (b) 0 24 (a) 3 23 (a) 5 22 (b) 1 24 (b) 2 23 (b) 0 25 (b) 2 26 (b) 3 25 (a) 3 26 (a) 2 27 (a) 4 27 (b) 1 28 (b) 3 28 (a) 2 29 (a) 4 29 (b) 1 30 (a) 2 30 (b) 3 Total 28 Total 29 Total 20 Total 34 Total 39 Next, carry over the totals from each column and then plot your total scores on the following chart to show the profile of your conflict-handling styles. A total score of 36 to 45 for a style may indicate a strong preference and use of that style. A total score of 0 to 18 for a style may indicate little preference and use of that style. A total score of 19 to 35 for a style may indicate a moderate preference and use of that style. Total 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 Column 1 (Forcing) __28___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ Column 2 (Compromising) ___29__ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ Column 3 (Avoiding) ___20__ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ Column 4 (Accommodating) ____34_ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ Column 5 (Collaborating) ____39_ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

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