The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users (Chapter 11, 12)

Assignment on The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users (Chapter 11, 12) By: ABC Date Chapter 11: How to Optimize for Individual Platforms Summary Author said that social media has five Ps. These are passion, people, pimping, pictures and perception. These five Ps are related with Google +, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter respectively. He has provided detail for each with examples. He discussed Google +, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Slide share, Twitter and you tube and unique features of all of them. Main points including author’s views and examples Facebook He said that facebook does not allow followers to see everything on our new feed. Author disliked this concept and said that followers could provide new feed information because they follow us. He said that people who will find our sharing unlike would un follow us ultimately. Page insight, Instagram, embedded videos and other pages of facebook has enhanced performance of facebook. Google+ Google plus communities is place where people share passion. He said that you should think two times before starting a community. Private communities need approval for joining. Google news provides option to share views about news. Polls can be run on Google plus. It helped to choose best option with the help of people. Google plus ripples can help to find out who re shared your post. Google plus provides option to add it into website. It provides facility to add characters in comments and use styles to increase chances of comment’s reading. Google plus account can also be connected to YouTube. It increased chances of contents in stream. CITATION htt153 \l 1033 ( Instagram provides option to shares pictures from tablets or mobile phones. Photos can also be shared on twitter from Instagram. Hash tags can also be added to posts. #No filter is famous hash tag. It provides greater visibility. There are many filters that can be used for processing of photos. Examples include earlybird, Valencia, normal and X-pro2. To increase followers you can add it to web site or blog. With the help of photo collages, multiple photos can be shared. Collage can be created by Diptic, Color Splash or Snapseed. With the help of reposting apps, photos from other’s Instagram can also be shared. LinkedIn LinkedIn is used for professional networking. Author said that you should not post photos and funny videos on it. He said that you should behave professionally. You can share important articles about marketing, innovation, leadership, entrepreneurship and technology. By participating in groups, one can discuss career topics with other people. Video interviews can also be linked with it. Presentation slides can also be shared by using it. Pinterest Pinterest is used to share photos other than personal. Pinterest Googies provide facility to use it through android, mobile phones and websites. CITATION Sma12 \l 1033 (Smarty) Secret boards provide option to collaborate with other people. Popular boards can also be added in it. Different pins can also be added to each board for steady pin’s stream. Each board should be described to help people understand. Slide share Slide shares are used to convey an explanatory text. It is different from PowerPoint because it does not require oral presentation. Title, description, category and tags should be included in slide share for better understanding and searching of viewers. At end of slide share, other links can also be provided. He said that embedded slides shares can be given on pinterest, LinkedIn and twitter. He said that on facebook and Google+ only links should be provided. Twitter He says that you can tag people on twitter and add graphics to attract people’s attention. Ten people can be tagged on one photo. They will receive notification. When tweet is addressed by @name then recipient, you and followers can see tweet. When it is addressed by.@name then all world can see it. Twitter cards are used to increase performance of twitter. You tube It is used for watching and sharing videos. Short advertisement can be provided on website home page. Keywords can be added with each video for faster searching. Comments of people should be responded and regular scheduling should be provided to increase traffic on channel. CITATION KAW14 \l 1033 (KAWASAKI, FITZPATRICK, & PEG, 2014) Analysis of Author’s point of view and comparison with others Author says that followers cannot see everything we share on facebook. But he disagree that they should provide facility to see everything. He said that page insight is used to identifying popular posts and followers demographic. Author claimed that embedded videos opened in small windows but one advantage is that these are shown on new feed. He said that facebook helped to interact with other facebook pages. One thing that author ignored about facebook is to connect and chat with people. Author said that it is difficult to optimize post of facebook. Through experience, one can better understand facebook. Author has not given good remarks for Google communities because of managing these communities. Other author may disagree with this point of view as Mike Delgado said that communities allow relationship building and interest sharing. Mike Delgado agrees with author for some views and said that it provides platform to share and read topic of your passion. He said that Google communities should be used to leverage business. CITATION Del13 \l 1033 (Delgado) Author criticized that Google + did not include Replies into its extension. Replies provide facility to reply to other person including facility to notify this reply into new feed. Author analyzed Google + as it can be linked with website and youtube. Hashtags that authors discussed are important part of Google plus that helped people to search post easily. Instagrma is used to share photos from mobile and tablets. Author said that it limits ability to perform more functions. Hashtags can also be used on instagram. Author said that you should not showoff yourself on Instagram by providing limited selfies and food photos. Other may disagree with this because people like to upload photos for each moment. Photos can also be shared on tweeter and facebook by using IFTTT. He said LinkedIn should not be used for private purpose it should be used in professional way. Pinterest is used to share photos like car collection, natural beauty, food etc. Tyrell said that it is used by fashion designers, interior designers and lifestyle papers for products promotion. He said that privacy policies of pinterest are not clear that is biggest disadvantage. CITATION tyr12 \l 1033 (tyrell Author in this book further emphasized on slide shares, youtube and twitter. Slide share is different from power point and it should be clearer in term of written material so that people can understand better. Slide shares do not provide facility or verbal presentation along with written material. From author’s point of view title page should be most attracting in slide share. Moreover, at the end of it you can add other links and blogs. By clicking on these links, one can follow you easily on other media or other slide share. Title, description, category and tags should be added on slide share carefully. Title provides image of whole slide share. Description provides material and body of text. It should be categorized on basis of type of material. People can be tagged for slide shares. On twitter strategy of graphics should be used to attract more attention because it is worthy than thousand characters. Four pictures can be added in one post by clicking icon of camera repeatedly. On twitter, ten people can be tagged for one photo. One benefit of tagging is that those tagged people will be able to see through notification. It is claimed by some authors that twitter’s limitation of 140 characters is not suitable for many people. By activating notification, one can easily find new information of retweet and new follower with the help of email. Scott Cornell said that one could not upload videos on twitter that is one of its disadvantages. YouTube profile should be completed for attracting more people. On YouTube websites and social networking links can be added. YouTube provides option of channel trailer, intro and outro. Channel trailer is small welcome and a king of smart advertisement. For providing better searching facility, videos should be categorized and keywords should be used. Author said that responding is most important in YouTube as compared to other social media. It required hardworking. CITATION tea15 \l 1033 (team)Chapter 12: How to Put Everything Together Summary In this chapter author summarized how to launch non-fiction book and how to combine all things together. He said that launching of book required many social media’s elements. He provided all steps that is ideal scenario. In different scenarios, certain step would be eliminated. He dived steps into three main heading. These are building foundation, digital asset’s amass and marketing. He further explained steps under each heading. He said that these steps are used for promotion of products and services. Main points and facts Main points that author discussed is divided into three parts. Building foundation First task of building foundation is to refresh all avatars, emails and profiles. After refreshing, second task is to match them all. Second step in building foundation is to refresh bios. It includes websites, LinkedIn, Wikipedia and other. After refreshing these bios, next step is to match them all. Third step in building foundation is to create page of book author’s on Amazon or Goodreads. Amazon provides facility to sell books online. Goodread is also use to share book with global network. It provides more options for readers. Rating can also be provided for book or article. Forth step is to create kit of media. Media kit should include cover page. It should also include blurbs, photo of author, description of book and bios. After creation of media, kit next step is to create website for book. It should not be more than one page. Link of facebook, twitter and Google+ can be added on this website. This one page website should include short summary of book. It should include title of book with short description of author name and book. Number of pages can also be mentioned for more detail. Website can be enhanced by adding picture of book. This picture will attract more customers. Video of entire story can also be provided for better understanding of book. APE website includes attracting video titled who to APE a book. APE website includes detail of book assets, blurs, reviews, tools and publishing. It also provides option to buy book online. It also includes contact detail for feedback or questions. APE kit includes book assets and badges option for website. Last step in foundation of book is to setup alert for Google. CITATION htt141 \l 1033 ( This alert should b set for continuously reading views of people, posts, blogs and other important things. Digital Assets Management First step in amass is making intro and outro video of book including cover page. It should be not long than four to five seconds. This clip should be used with all other videos. Second step is to create whole book video. This video should include summary of all chanters. It should not be more than 30 seconds in length. Next step is to create each chapter’s video. It should not longer than 2 minutes. In each chapter blog post of 500 words should be used. On LinkedIn summary of book should be provided in long-form having 1000 words. To enhance attention of public graphics should be added containing 25-30 quotes. Presentation should be prepared for TED. It will enable people to capture your views. Slide share presentation should be prepared on key points of book. Going into Market Before publication, it is important to share posts per week by making schedule of each week. After publication videos should be shared after making schedule. 2 graphics should be shared per day containing quotes. Hangout should be aired during publication’s week. It should not be more than 30 minutes. AMA should be scheduled during publication’s week. At last, HOAs should be scheduled and podcast should be made with interested bloggers. Analysis and comparison In this chapter author provided detail of launching a book or using social media for products and services. He started discussion with first point in which he defined ways for building foundation for book. It can be built by refreshing and matching profiles and bios. He said that author page should be created along with making media kit and book website. Digital assets can be amassed by providing videos on website. Videos should include cover page video, whole book video and each chapter video. In each video different pictures can be added to enhance attraction. Before and after publication of book certain steps should be performed. Before publications schedule of blog post and quotations should be made for posting on LinkedIn and website. After publication scheduling of tweet chat, hangout, AMA and HOAs should be made. Author said that it is hard to achieve these all steps but one can achieve it by hardworking. However it is not impossible. References BIBLIOGRAPHY \l 1033 (n.d.). how to publish a book. Retrieved 2014, from Delgado, M. (n.d.). How to Boost Engagement on Your LinkedIn Company Page. Retrieved april 2013, from social media KAWASAKI, G., FITZPATRICK, P., & PEG, G. A. (2014). The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users. New York. Smarty, A. (n.d.). How To Intelligently Use Social Media Hashtags. Retrieved august 2012, from team, G. (n.d.). 8 Massive Benefits of Using YouTube For Business. Retrieved 2015, from tyrell (n.d.). prons and crons of pinterest. Retrieved February 2012, from tyrell (n.d.). Create and manage a Google Plus community. Retrieved march 2015, from

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