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What are the impressions that he wanted to make upon his audience

Where can we find information about him

Is he worth trusting? Why/why not

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Martin Luther King Jr. was a Civil Right Movement Leader, who along with his comrades fought against the segregation and discrimination in the American society. Before becoming part of the Civil Rights Movement, he was a pastor in the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, where he preached Christianity and Christian values.

  1. Where can we find information about him?

Information, regarding Martin Luther King Jr., is available on internet and in published books and articles. On internet, the information is available in the form of e-books, e-articles and e-blogs. The information available on Martin Luther King Jr. is immense, as he was a public figure, who played a significant role in the Civil Right Movement.

  1. What are the impressions that he wanted to make upon his audience?

The subject, of Martin Luther King Jr., was segregation, humanity and discrimination. During his struggle, Martin Luther King Jr. tried to establish that segregation and discrimination, in the society would be detrimental for the societal development and progress. Regarding oppression and war, he maintained that it was imperative to break the silence of the night and to raise voice against injustice.

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