Working at College

Report On Working at College By: ABC Date: TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc417127833 \h 3Learning Skill Map at Student Level in College PAGEREF _Toc417127834 \h 3Scope of Report PAGEREF _Toc417127835 \h 5Factors encourage students to do working PAGEREF _Toc417127836 \h 5Student Employee Development in Student Affairs PAGEREF _Toc417127837 \h 7Interpersonal Skills Development PAGEREF _Toc417127838 \h 8Personal Wellness Awareness about Labor Market and Field PAGEREF _Toc417127839 \h 9Practical Skill Acquisition PAGEREF _Toc417127840 \h 10Discouraging factors PAGEREF _Toc417127841 \h 12Upper-Class Students PAGEREF _Toc417127842 \h 12Type of Jobs students take and affects PAGEREF _Toc417127843 \h 14Students Involve in Students affairs PAGEREF _Toc417127844 \h 16Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc417127845 \h 16References PAGEREF _Toc417127846 \h 17 IntroductionThe human capital is the collective package of Knowledge, skills, aptitudes training & developing sense and education generally of all fields but specifically about the specific field in which that human is going to take the notion of life. The career building is necessary and attached field of work with the reality that human always like to get the transition in his life. The unchanged life is not a life and on other hand, that is no life at all. Human capital is very glaring in this sense. This investment is not going to ruin in any sense in any field as well. Learning Skill Map at Student Level in College Source: The above given map showed that working worrying is beyond the work and working condition thinking is not the matter of studies at college at all. There are number of other restriction over here that tends the student to avoid the working. Even most of the students also include the working of work in mental well-being. The other word that one can choose for the alternative word of human is the student. Every human is the students at first stage, is the student at middle age and is the student at the last stage of his life. The life of students actually explores the life of human itself. The human capital is the resource for the society rather than the population. The consistent changing of human population to human resource is the work of institution. In other words, one can say that human population is going to take institution to transform itself towards human capital. The human population always takes the resource from the society and human resource always work for the increment of resources at major level. The vast paradigm has been selected for this major transition. Student is the basic entity that always gives the resources to the society at major level from the institution life towards the societal life. The student who actually like to study the business field, engineering field, social sciences field and even the physical sciences field like to take the practical exposure in no time. Such easiness while thinking about to take practical grounds is there at major level exists in college. Students constitute dynamic nature in their study as well as working while study. The study paradigm is entirely different from job mindset. Student plays both duties essentially. Student who studied theoretical knowledge about the field is going to take the similar job as well so that the job can help in studies and studies can helpful in job. This two-way value chain seems alluring at first but as the matter of fact, the study is going to take some hurdles as well from such dual mindset and may the job can face also similar things. Scope of ReportHere are some factors that encourage the student to do work while continuing his studies. Furthermore, writing is also going to presents some actors that are discouraging for the students to do such two-way value chain during institutional life. The report will discuss some type of jobs students adopt and how those jobs disrupt the ultimate objective of study at general level. Student and building the human capital through the investments at student is the major factor that encourage the student to do the job with the study. There is clearly distinction between human and physical capital. Human capital that is student in such case is the costly and important in economies as the physical capital now a day. The human capital will take the resources, need a procedural training and development chunks, finally got the objective and more importance in society, and finally make such asset that is no transferable but constitute major part in the development of economies itself. Factors encourage students to do working This whole process is not as easy as it explained by one because the human capital needs training agree, but the training is effective or non-effective take another transparency test. The student take the investment from the parents so that he can study but the thinking development at that level is sufficiently take the same course of action as parent thinks or not is need another evaluative method. Therefore, it is hard to believe that the investment upon human capital will pay back or not. The time spending effort, expense spending exercise and human wastage are major factors that encourage the student to take step in economy as soon as possible and even during studies. Work based Learning Source: This work based learning is using by most of the students because they see a whole life and even the college life included in it. The work based learning is directly attached with the life-based learning and life and work based learning attached with the expert centered learning at all notions of life. In this modern paradigm, it is very hard to manage the tuition fee for those parents who are already struggling with the economic reckless situation at major level. The increasing living standard in today’s culture is also very daunting in nature and can initiate the mindset among the students to get the job as soon as possible. Simon Kuznets, who is known mentor, for evaluating the national income and its ways of action in societies said that the Gross domestic product growth is highly disrupting in many economies and the reason is the standard of living. He further shed to light towards the income difference between classes and such different is the main factor at student level that encourage him to do working at college. CITATION KUZ51 \l 1033 (KUZNETS, 1951)The factor that is discussed above is the encouraging factor for student to initiate the job mindset within the college study life. The fear of income different is the major influenced factor that is going to take the paradigm that early job can overcome the gap in reality. The practical exposure before the time is very necessary in getting the entire competitive advantage at individual level upon other candidate who also got the same level information so that the advanced paradigm can get its ground realities. Working in college is exact phenomenon that is glaring in today’ s societies and economies at major level due to this factor. Student Employee Development in Student Affairs Sources: Simon Kuznets also explained that education level of the grandparents is also most not so much different from the individual’s parents who got the same level of education as he has. The major difference in living standard that is also not constitutes more than 30 per cent but the gap of the 30 per cent is enough to initiate such actions by students who are going to take the way of job with the study. The scholar also shed some lights towards the fact that the desire to overcome the difference of living standard among the society and even from individuals’ life forever can initiate such desire in college student to do work with the study. CITATION KUZ51 \l 1033 (KUZNETS, 1951)Interpersonal Skills DevelopmentThe recent study initiated by World Bank showed the reality of the student as well. For example, United State that constitutes about $401,000 per capita income is very glaring in development of human capital and this capital is providing the national level interest for all humans and students as well to initiate the need that can give them the way to think about the job at college level. The World Bank study showed that that human capital, mainly student, represents the 77 per cent of all capital investment and earning paradigm in United States. CITATION Hyc12 \l 1033 (Hyclak, Johnes, & Thornton, 2012) Such endorsement from the economy and country as well showed that the economy wants to utilize the college labor market through proper orientation and formulation so that students can take part in economy as early as possible. CITATION Hyc12 \l 1033 (Hyclak, Johnes, & Thornton, 2012) Source: Personal Wellness Awareness about Labor Market and Field Students are going to take the mid way course toward the understanding and implication of different aspect in college life, that need to represents the myth that colleges in United State are going to take the notion of life seriously. Therefore, they are dynamic in getting education, as well as the major aspects to get practical knowledge in the same field. The complex labor market is always focuses upon the measurement level of student life with the ability that students should take part in economy along with the studies. The increased level of students in college culture showed that the students are also dynamic in understanding the level of job after the studies. CITATION rpa13 \l 1033 (Athas, Oaks, & Phillips, 2013)The fear is there against the practical exposure after the completion of college is also a factor behind the student’s selection for the college life. Students showed the dynamic behavior for the influenced material so that the material based approach could get its ground. Broadly speaking, the complex structures of economies are there at all levels in society and student level as well about the practical life. The practical exposure indeed is the thing that is very glaring in college life because student gets the theoretical and practical knowledge as well in the same time span at major level. Practical Skill AcquisitionWhile analyzing the student life at human capital analysis showed the exact implication of separate equilibrium. The paradigm shift of economies showed the student as the major endorser of the entire maxim of economies. The economic activity is no activity if the ignorance of student and student’s life at working could not consider in it. The principle of economics depicts the entire characteristics towards the college life because students having the vast level of economic and well aware with the basic natured restrictions in economies. The desire can inculcate in the student mind about to change the economies and their plan of action at major level and this can be a factor to initiate working style adaptation in economy. CITATION rpa13 \l 1033 (Athas, Oaks, & Phillips, 2013) Source: Self-awareness at all levels Unemployment rate after even getting the degree of United State College is another and most glaring factor that could initiate the desire of student to do work as much early as he can. The same segment is going to take the initiative to work with the study is actually facing the unemployment high rate after college degree and this factor is endorsing the maxim of college at working. Thee age and rate of return difference between different classes affects learning paradigm and studying at the same age because they have fear that the unemployment rate is very high and the issue with those students as well who is advancing himself in practical life with the same degree as I have. Therefore, unemployment rate of college students after college days is the major factor that could encourage students to get titled themselves in working class. Because students are rising, the working labor of such human capital is also increasing. CITATION rpa13 \l 1033 (Athas, Oaks, & Phillips, 2013) Source: Discouraging factors Upper-Class StudentsThe starts of college working was observed by the monitoring analysts since 1984 and the fraction of college students under the age from 16 to 24 love to work full as well as part time and the percentage of those students comes between 49 to 57. The students who did full time working having their own logics, circumstances and issues and part timers have their own. The numbers of those workers in United States are increasing day by day and the fragment is expanding further. As the matter of fact, some students are avoiding working at this level and such level students are very low in number. Students who believed in developing the mindset differently than the job centered measurement. Source: Firstly, the on campus and off campus working environment around the students are discouraging the maxim of working at college. The college students who belong to such families or fragment of society that did not gesture such need in reality any more. Thinking of working could never inculcate among societies. The small business industry with the minimum investment in those families show the reluctance towards the working methodology and this mythology negates the working of student because he is the asset of the family and family business itself. The social status of those families in more high and the reluctance of these people are logical and understandable easily by the other elements over there. The other discouraging factor is the environment of college itself. The environment of the college has imposed some restriction or may be exploit those so-called rules and regulations of the college. Thee working with the study is a danger is the legal myth and the college use the myth by different seminars and platforms so that the registration fee should not disturbed. The College job is entirely a difficult exercise for all those workers who actually seek a difference between the working conditions, college environmental conditions and their reckless outcome by the jobs upon studies. There are two types of scholars’ exits in this society. The scholarly articles, online publishing about the working ill at college environment are things that discourage the student to, not do with the working environment at all while studying. The colleges who did not constitute the Student employee development department in reality actually negate the maxim of working in college life during studies. Those colleges’ wants a rule should be followed by many scholars at that time. College study and study material need a dual approach to do with student’s psyche. On the one hand, they need to develop the thinking of students that the practical exposure is necessary in exercising some concepts that they are studying and on the other hand they need to buzz up that college life is the only to do with theoretical nothing practical. This irony is discouraging for students who wants to do job but cannot do due to dual nature behavior. Type of Jobs students take and affectsStudent that is ultimately the big role player in labor market of United state always consider those jobs hate consumer less time and pay more than expectation. The scope of part time jobs is higher than the full time job. The only reason is there that United State having a vast number of students at major level to get the entire look towards the students’ satisfaction and mental approach as well. Labor market analysis of job at student and college perspective is the main thinking that is going to represents the major segment of industry very tempting for the students in U.S. Source: The coffee shop working, pizza boy, Call center agents are some agile fields that students mostly attempt to acquire. Each field constitutes their own level of students and selection is based upon the nature of behavior at their level. The Students who are getting the education in marketing and wants to apply that concept in reality-based industry go for the Customer Services agent. Many students like to start their career even they know that customer service agent is the tough job and the amalgamation of marketing concept made it interesting as well. The customer is not seeable at that time when you are going to persuade him to buy product. The product dimension at your side, the product at your side and product usefulness is again at your side but the motivational strategies through the power of words is again at your side so these things amalgamate with each other and some is going to motivate the customer towards the product so that buying behavior could invite. Theoretical knowledge about the marketing is another thing and the motivation through words magic is another. Students Involve in Students affairsThe students affairs activities both inside and outside campus are highly recommendable by students who actually constitutes long academic years. The Students Affair is the most glaring choice so far. There is negative affects also over there about such career orientation that student think that marketing gimmicks are as easy as they observe in the part time job with the study. Student’s affairs job in market is not helpful for students and affects them practically in finance-centered organizations. They think that the practical life after the study is the same as they are observing right now with the study. Such Irony is also very difficult in maintaining with the difficulties that they are facing in that practical world. The practicalities are even more different than it seems ate student’s life. Marketing deals with the behavior and behavioral studies deal with the actual customer in tangible form rather than virtual and such ills are there with other jobs as well. ConclusionIn the end, one can say that working at college is two-way approach, and this approach should be centered with the business schools only, where the learning is essential in terms of getting maximum exposure. The Students who take the study as their objective in business should apply it and college should provide such opportunities as well. On the other hand, other fields of studies should avoid the job because it is not a justified method for students as well as for the college itself. One can hope that the Working condition upon one type of students should be allowed and working condition upon other all fields should be avoided so that the working balance of capital market could maintain with the students desires. References BIBLIOGRAPHY \l 1033 Abel, J. R., Deitz, R., & Su, Y. (n.d.). Are Recent College Graduates. Current Issues In Economic and Finance , 20(1). Athas, C., Oaks, D. J., & Phillips, L. K. (2013). Student Employee Development in Student Affairs. Retrieved April 18, 2015, from (2015). Employment status of the civilian population 25 years and over by educational attainment. Retrieved April 18, 2015, from Brown, S. C., Stevens, R. A., Troiano, P. F., & Schneider, M. K. (2002). Exploring Complex Phenomena: Grounded Theory in Student Affairs Research. Journal of College Student Development, 43(2). Hyclak, T., Johnes, G., & Thornton, R. (2012). Fundamentals of Labor Economics. Cengage Learning. KUZNETS, S. (1951). Long-Term Changes in the National Income of the United States of America since 1870. International Association for Research in Income and Wealth. Orszag, J. M., Orszag, P. R., & Whitmore, D. M. (2001). LEARNING AND EARNING: WORKING IN COLLEGE. Retrieved April 18, 2015, from (2013). Understanding and Addressing the Challenges of Assessing College Student Growth in Student Affairs. Retrieved April 18, 2015, from Stilwell, V. (2015). Pretty Soon the U.S. Might Run Out of College-Educated Workers. Retrieved April 18, 2015, from

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