You have an opportunity to pitch a movie version of Tennyson's " Ulysses" to a Hollywood studio

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What will you say to convince them to buy the movie rights to "Ulysses?" Be sure to explain:

Why and how the poem is relevant today; describe the major theme and how that could play out in 2015.

What is the underlying message that the film will create, and for whom will the message register most strongly?

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Tennyson’s “Ulysses” is a poem; this poem is about the king who is famous due to his good deeds but he never does some of the special act. This poem is a monologue; in this poem king describe his dissatisfaction from life and his desire to keep sailing. King is getting older; he has not so much time but the time that he has he never want to waste it. This poem has the features of the commercial film that is not so difficult to convince Hollywood studio executive that this poem in the form of the film will remain successful. It has all the characteristics of the commercial film, for the production of this film it require the training and it also inter or the intra corporate type production. These all are the reasons due to which Ulysses as a commercial movie remains successful. Beside this, it is the interesting story and remains successful for attaining the attention of audience until at the end. 

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