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I will also take care to make wise decisions with marketing, by investing in good pricing, promotion, sales, and keeping a close eye on sales forecasts. I want to keep up with production without too much over stocking, and have my human resource department keep the company running smooth. To make my company popular with the population I will need to keep my products performing better at a lower cost than my competitors. With the publics support I hope the stocks in my company rise to the top of the field.
            As the only member of the team its always my name on the line if the company does well, or does poorly. I am excited to see where my company goes the following weeks. I want to be a top competitor across the board in my products. I am hoping to be in the top two for each product. I am hoping to have smaller but steady profits that grow over time, instead of hiking the prices to make the most profit I can in the shortest period of time.

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