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Reply to two students

First one: My article was a follow up on the hack of the White House that happened last year. It claims that Russian hackers accessed the network via a corresponding breach at the State Department. No one knows exactly what data was compromised or how, but the initial report says that the first infection came from a phishing email related to the State Department incident, which captured privileged credentials. The White House claimed the breach was of its non-classified network, but now they believe that the Russian hackers may still be on the network. I think that this is important to network security because Udi Mokady, CEO of CyberArk, said he believes that the hack was more than just a breach, but a demonstration of how hackers are able to hijack and gain absolute control. This can be construed two ways. 1. it’s a sign that there is no hope to protect yourself in today’s world; or 2. That everyone is having the same challenges and you simply need to focus on the details.

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